March 20, 2013

Day 15-London

See ya later HOTEL! On our 15th day in London we packed up our bags and caught the next tube to our dear friend Antonio's flat. We couldn't wait to see him and get out of our hotel. You see, our hotel was not what we had thought it would be, we payed special attention to all of the possible accommodations for our hotel stay in London, thought we had picked a good one, but nope. So nonetheless we were excited to kiss it goodbye. But more importantly we couldn't wait to see someone we knew, and surprisingly no, my sister and I were not tired of each other.
After you get off at the correct tube stop, you catch the bus to get to our friend's flat, well I was standing in the handicap part of the bus and was not holding onto anything. That was mistake number 1. So when the bus started moving forward, my body followed suit and WHAM! I body slammed into the padding on the wall. My sister and I could not stop laughing and then we noticed that I almost hit the tv....the tv with security cameras on it, which meant the whole bus witnessed that awesome move I just pulled.
After collecting ourselves and my face returning to a normal color, we gathered our stuff and got off the bus. We walked down the road to what we believed to be his building. We stood outside trying to see if there would be any way we could just be cool and suprise him, but we had no way of getting into the building. Then I saw someone coming to the door and was thinking me and my sister could just follow them in, problem solved! Just about that time, my sister got a phone call from Antonio and he asked where we were. We told him and he said he did not see us...well obviously dude, we aren't outside your door. My sister started saying "Yeah, no I see that. What? Huh? The what pub? oh....uhhh...hold on..' 'Katie, c'mon.' 'Yeah we're coming..." Lemme fill you in here, because I didn't know what was going on either. So folks, we were at the wrong building, we had to turn up the road a bit and go to some other building. Good thing I didn't pull a "mistake #2" because that would have been awkward going into the wrong building. We headed over to the CORRECT building, which was across from a pub, and then stood outside laughing like tourists with natural blonde roots do. My sister was still on the phone and all I heard her say was "OH you do!! We don't see you." as she is saying this she is  looking up the building at the windows which obviously I copied because we are the same person. Then I hear her start laughing and go "Huh?! Oh wow! hahahahaha hiiiiiii."and hang up the phone. Apparently, the camera is by the door, so we didn't need to look at the windows above us. What can I say, we are brilliant.
Once we figured out the key code, and failed 2839 times, a man who lives in the building came over and used his special unlocking key and asked if we were going inside, we said yes. Thank goodness for him because other wise we would have been pushing the key button and failing over and over again because that key "button" was not a button.
But yay! We made it, we said hello to a man dressed in a muscle lycra suit, who opened the door and I turned around and ran down the hall. But good to know that man was Antonio, completely scared me.
We dropped our stuff off, had a cup of tea and then me and my sister headed out to wander the streets of London again :)
That evening we had tickets with Antonio to go see a broadway show, which was really a good time, we followed that show up with a late late dinner at a little italian restaurant, we were the closing customers. We had pasta and a bottle of wine, then headed to another pub after that for drinks and chat. It was a really memorable evening to say the least. Oh London, you do night life so well.

(I apologize for no photos for this post, for some reason I took zero. Which is dumb because it was a fun evening.)

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