April 3, 2013

Day 16-London

Well, our trip was coming to a wind down....which was sad. But fear not! I still remember what we did.

On our second to last day in England, we had no real plans for the day, but in the evening we had tickets to see Lewis Watson with our friend Jon. We laid low in the morning, drinking orange juice out of wine goblets because we are fancy and eating pastries. Nom nom nom. Follow that up with some antique rodeo show and some singing of the previous night's broadway song tunes.
We dressed and went out for the day wandering around London some more, (this could have been the day earlier...I'm pretty sure it was). this time my sister was playing the tour guide, which was hilarious since I my mom had read us the same Rick Steves' London tour guide book 3 years prior to this.
We headed out to Westminster Abbey, there were no pictures from this because we were not allowed to take photos in there. I would highly recommend the splurge expense on this because it has so much history and you get to explore the whole Abbey. Way cool. And yes, I did walk down the center of the Abbey till I reached the front of the church because I am Kate Middleton. Duh.
Okay so back to our second to last day in London. We had plans to also meet up with our cousin Vilde who is studying in London for the next 3 years at a University (she's from Norway). We were excited to see her, and the three of us were going to meet up at the British Museum for a day of history. Before we did that though, me and Annie walked around the city and managed to walk across the Tower Bridge, which is b-e-a-u-tiful. We slowly walked through the city snapping photos and skipping through the streets...mostly to stay warm.
We hopped on the tube and made it over to the British Museum. The Egyptian rooms are my favorite, I love looking at the skulls, and mummified bodies. So so so interesting. I love it. My sister and cousin were thoroughly grossed out by them though. Next up the Greek section and then FOOD.
Food isn't a section, we just went to eat food....as you do.

Italian was our food of choice, which probably wasn't the smartest idea being that it was 4 almost 5 and me and my sister had plans to go have dinner with Jon and Antonio...but we were hungry. We filled up on pasta and bread, said goodbye, and headed home to Antonio's.
Antonio, Annie and I headed out to a pub for pizza and cider, met up with Jon and me and my sister watched the guys eat pizza while we ate a small appetizer...struggled to eat it, we were oh so full.
OFF TO THE GIG WE WENT. Jon, Annie and I stood in the back of the room while many a teenage girls screamed their way to the front of the stage. Lewis did a great show, and his supporting act Mike Dignam was really good. So friends look him up on youtube or itunes. During the show we became starstruck because a lot of people we know of were there. Alfie(youtube) from Pointlessblog walked right past us, then Alfie from Hudson-Taylor showed up but not alone, no, on his arm was the ever adorable Gabrielle Aplin. It was insanely awesome.
We waited around and said hi to Lewis after the show. Super friendly guy and so lovely.

Said our goodbyes to Jon at the tube stop and hopped on a very empty tube home.
Antonio told us to meet him at the local pub, so we did. Yep. And there he was, our lovely pint's of cider sitting on the table with him. So kind. After we finished our drinks we began walking home when my sister face planted on the sidewalk and I almost peed myself from laughing.
Once we got control over our laughter, and then checked on Annie to see if she was okay, which she was, 100%. We linked arms with Annie as we hoped she wouldn't fall again, headed over to a small shop to buy some limes for margaritas. We went back to Antonio's, made margaritas, facetimed with our parents and sang the night away with classic Disney tunes. It was a wonderful day.

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