April 3, 2013

Day 17-London (Halloween)

BOOO! Did I scare you? No. Okay.
Our last full day of our trip happened to be the same day as Halloween. October 31st. I'm not a fan of Halloween so this day actually meant nothing to me in terms of "holiday" but it was a sad day nonetheless. 
After being extremely lazy in the morning and not leaving the flat till about 2pm, my sister and I arrived at a train station only to find out that a little earlier someone had been hit and thus killed by a train. That made the day slightly eerie. Once we found a train, since a casualty causes delays, we headed towards  Hampton Court. Hampton Court was the home of King Henry VIII. My sister had never seen it before and neither had I and this was the one place my sister really wanted to visit. We reached our destination at about 3:15ish in the afternoon and walked over to Hampton Court. 
We went over to the ticket window. CLOSED. 
That's right, the window was closed. "Closed at 3:30pm"...the time, 3:33pm. 
My sister and I just stood there shaking our heads at each other and laughing. The next train wasn't for another 45 min or so, so we just decided to take photos outside of Hampton Court. So here you go.....
After our Hampton court photoshoot session, we looked at the clock and realized we had 5 min to run to the train station before we missed our train. We bolted for the train. Lightening fast speed. Caught the train as it was leaving, next on our list, Victoria and Albert Museum. Annie wanted to see the Hollywood exhibit. There were costumes from very famous movies, like Wizard of Oz, Titanic and others.
Saw this poster while heading to the museum, that was annie the night prior.
We had to walk through the underground to get to the museum, my feet hurt really bad but we made it. Got to the exhibit doors.....oh....and they had just closed. Bravo.
We decided to just look around the fashion exhibits which I had seen before but would not argue about seeing again. I mean vintage Dior, hellllloooo.
It was getting late and we had to get back to Antonio's before 7pm because he was hosting an acoustic music night at his house and we also wanted to pack before the party began since we wouldn't have time in the morning.
We had some time to kill...not much but some. We decided to go shopping and spend the last bit of our money buying clothing and candy, and also sheets. Cheap sheets. If you are brilliant, you could guess that Halloween+white sheets=ghost costume. That's what me and Annie were for Halloween, classy ol' ghosts.
It was an evening full of music and laughter.
 Yep, that's me behind someone I do not know.
Video below from the evening with Antonio singing, John Parker on bass, and Jharda on harp.

Annie being a ghost
Followed by a jam session with my sister on piano.
After the guests left and it was the three of us, at 2:30 in the morning, we decided to put our sheets to better us, WHIP IT.
Oh so fun. An excellent end to our trip abroad.

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