April 3, 2013

Day 18-Bus, Train, Planes and Automobile

Sigh. The day was here. Our trip was over. It was time to head back to the States. We had a somewhat sad morning, therefore we moved around like sloths not wanting to leave the lovely city of London. We got our stuff together, said goodbye to Antonio and with frowns on our faces, headed to the tube station. First we caught a bus. Then we caught a tube or two. Next a train to Heathrow and from there, with limited time being that we were running late, we caught our plane. We had money left over so before we got to our plane we decided to spend most of our money in a duty free shop, buying tea, digestives, chocolate, water, sandwiches, and any other candy we could find. We almost all of it, then had to lug that heavy bag on to the plane. Once settled in and leaning on each other, my sister had been crying but got herself together, and I was doing just fine.....until take off. A waterfall of tears came out of my face, I don't even know how that happened. It was impressive. My sister looked at me and said "Woah, where did that come from?" I just looked at her and shook my head. I slept for most of the flight, as did my sister and we headed towards America.
We had to change flights in San Francisco, which took forever. And our flight that was supposed to leave at 8pm, was delayed to 10pm, then 10:45, then 12:15am. Greeaattttttttt. We fell asleep in the airport on accident and woke up at 11:45pm feeling sick and tired. But! We got to board our plane at 12:15....yes the same time the plane was supposed to leave. We continued to text and call our parents to update them on the flight, my dad was sleeping, my mom tried to sleep but didn't get very much of it. Once we boarded the plane my sister and I had an extra seat next to us so we spread out, put our seat-belts on and hunkered down, shut our eyes and fell asleep before take off even happened. I did not wake up till we were landing in Seattle. Shockingly tired.
We had to wait to get our bags at baggage pick up, but we called our parents.....at 3 am letting them know we landed, they immediately left the waiting lot and headed to our gate, my mom jumped on us at baggage claim and I could not have been more happy to see my mom. She brought us pillows and pjs and fruit for the car ride home. My parents thought we would fall asleep in the car but no, we were jet-lagged and chatty. We talked the whole way home about our trip while our parents laughed and listened to our stories. We got home at about 4 am, my dad left for work shortly afterward and i began unpacking, then my mom and I just made hot drinks in the kitchen and stayed up til 5:30 am talking about my trip. We went to bed, and I woke at 10:30 am. My mom took me and my sister out to lunch to hear about our trip some more, our other sister met us there after she got off work, and then our dad showed up not much later to join in. Super enjoyable day sharing pictures, cookies, tea, candy and stories with our family. Annie went to bed at about 5 pm, I didn't hit the hay till about 9pm. It was surreal to be back home, but felt so good to be back in my own bed. Our trip was amazing.
 This is not the first of a photo of me sleeping. Annie took multiples of these on our trip. Creep.
 Lay over in San Fran...........
Stories and tea. Home sweet home. Oh and my cat aka my best friend. He missed me.

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