April 19, 2013

Friday Confessions

Taking a break from reading some 87 pages for my lit. class to write this post.
I'm back with stories! Yay for never having a dull moment in your human existence, even when you try to. I am down to the final month of school now which is crazy--crazy good/crazy insane--that it has gone by so fast. I love the weekend! And I live for Friday's, it's true I do. Have a wonderful weekend you beautiful folk.

-Barely moving and tripping in slow motion. It was weird because my mind knew I was about to trip but my feet didn't follow my brain's thoughts so it looked like I was trying to be a slo-mo cool kid.
-Making really awkward eye contact with a stranger. It started out normal but then as they approached it became uncomfortable and I sped walked past them staring at my iPod.
-walking into the wrong class when you were saying in your head "Oh yeah, I have been going here for 4 months, I am walking to class like a smarty." Open door, look in, uhh not my class. Quickly shut door and move onto the door following the first and Oh hey! My class.
-Saying hello to your roommates, they say nothing back.
-Ordering food at the café and the girl at the register asks you to turn around, you hesitate and sort of jerk your head around while kind of watching your back. make complete 360. girl at the counter says "Cute shirt, I like it." Uhm couldn't you have just said that, I thought you were going to say something was on me.
-Spending quality time on your outfit, hair and make up for a certain class because a certain dream machine is in that class. Get to class. Oh ha-ha. He ISN'T there. Never doing that again.
-Doing the previous bullet point, AGAIN. He wasn't there.
-Shopping, thinking about all the possible things you could wear with this that and the other thing, daydreaming in your own little world when two 14 year old girls walk up to you and ask you if their shoes go with their dress they want to buy. How did they know I want to be a stylist. Answer their question and they run away. So you run away from this that and the other thing because you cannot lead a calm and comfortable life.
-Boys passing by your bedroom window while you are studying. They turn around and pass by again. Peering in. Current face color: tomato.
-Spending time on my hair to go to a concert, get down to the show and have to wait outside for a while..........POOF. Frizz ball. And curled hair is no longer.
-Losing your student i.d. card somewhere on campus so you race after your roommate when she gets back so you can get into the building before class starts.
-Running on 3.5 hours of sleep. Hello college. 5 am is my new bed time.

-Long runs
-Communication between the family
-Going to the beach this weekend with my cousin
-My cousin visiting me
-I got a tan line!........fail: it's a scoop neck t-shirt tanline.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, haha. So funny! (And everyone knows, you only see Dreamboats after you have worked out and are sweaty, red-faced, and looking real.) better luck next week.