April 22, 2013


Hellooooooo Mondayyyyy. You should just be called "Ew-day".
I had a really lovely weekend, my cousin drove down from Sacramento to visit me and what a good time we had. We went out to a few bars on Friday night down in Santa Monica which was fun, (I never go out). Our last place we went, we met 2 guys who were scary to me at first because I do not talk to strangers, but once we started talking they turned out to be complete gentlemen and hilarious. Bonus points there. We hung out with them for about 2 hours, said goodbye and headed back to my school.
The next morning we woke up for a 4 mile walk, followed by bathing suits and the sandy shores of Malibu. Oh so beautiful. We hung out at the beach for nearly 3 hours, it was the most perfect weather, not too hot, not cold, nice breeze. Ahhh wonderful.
Beached out and tan, we went back to my stomping grounds, showered off and headed out for a bit of shopping--groceries, and clothing, uh duh. I found a really awesome chevron, sleeveless shirt for $13 and I lovvveee it.
We weren't sure whether or not we wanted to go out that night, but after some hmming and hahhhing, we decided, LET'S DO THIS THING.
Gussied up and ready to go, we headed to a night club in Santa Monica called The Bungalow, we were recommended it by our lovely guy friends we made the night before.
When we arrived, it was about 8:45pm and the line to get into the club was a 2 hour wait time. Ew. My cousin called the guys and asked them for any other recommendations for us in Santa Monica, but low and behold, the guys were at the Bungalow waiting to get inside as well, they said we should join them in line since they only had about a 30 min wait left. We cheered with happiness because we love having connections.
Met up with the guys and had a good time joking around in line, and about an hour later we were inside Bungalow.
It was a really excellent evening laughing, having a few drinks and dancing. I would highly recommend the Bungalow. Super awesome place and I even partied with Owen Wilson.

Check out their website here. And here is a photo of one of the rooms. We mostly hung out in this one, by the piano, now picture Owen Wlison on the other side of the room. Yeah.
Okay so I didn't actually party-party with him, but I did see him there, he was sitting across the room from me swarmed by many-oh-people. Also there was a man who played Mary or Marium from Lord of the Rings. I've never seen those movies though, so I am not quite sure what his character's name was.
Basically I had a really fun, unboring weekend away from my school. My cousin and I are best friend's and it felt so good to have someone to hang out with who gets me and makes me laugh all.the.time.
Sadly she had to leave yesterday for her conference in L.A., but before she left I made us fruit cocktails and we played bananagrams out on the lawn Sunday morning while listening to music.
It was a really memorable weekend. Thank you cousin!

P.s. we also found the Bachelor house. It's only 20 min from my school.

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