April 23, 2013


My space bar on my computer is squeaking every time I put space in. This wouldn't be annoying except that I need the space key so you can read this post, otherwise mypostingwouldlooklikethis. 

I go through phases where I like sequins and then I don't like them. I will call it the "Sequin Cycle". It's almost like every 6 months I decide that I must have them.-----
Obviously it's a given that sequins are all the rage during the holidays, so I guess I sort of put them on that self of "Party Attire", that was until I saw some very glam and trendy pieces on pinterest (bless that site) and thought, woah I want that. And that. And that. pin, piN pIN PIN.

Would you rock these pieces during the day too?
All photos found on pinterest.

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