June 15, 2013


We are all curious folk, being that we are human this curiosity comes naturally to us. And as an American I am even more curious about the Royal family. This curiosity has turned into fascination, pure and utter fascination. I don't know if it's the fabulous hats that the women don or if it's the smoke screen of jewels, riches and lifestyle. Whatever it is, I do not mind, some people have worse things to be fascinated by. As the world knows Kate is soon to become a mother and today in London was her last public appearance before she brings a child into the world.
So as Kate Middleton steps out of the spotlight, my mind goes into the "Are they like us?" phase. Do the King's and Queen's of the world really sit down with their families and have family game night? Do they too worry about how their hair looks? What does their dinner conversation look like?
They all look so handsome in their uniforms and hats, but behind closed doors, what do they talk about? I mean to them, being Royal is normal. How weird would that be. Being born into such a high-appraised position in the world. It just boggles my mind.

P.s. I think all males of the world should pick up some uniform of some kind, how handsome these princes look. And the Queen, that blue is beautiful on her.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, everybody looks good in blue. :) Secondly, where do they keep all their hats when they're done wearing them?