June 12, 2013

Well Hello Wednesday

Wednesday is here! Let's all cheer! I am off to go visit family today. Yesterday I had a followup appointment at my foot doctor's to check the progress of my foot and to also remove the old bandages and put new bandages on. Everything looks good :) And I had a few visitors that came by to bring me some of their lovely company, as well as flowers. I love receiving flowers and that is the one thing I never thought I would say, but there it is. All the people checking in with me makes me really realize how loved I am. I have a lot of people in my life who are so caring, it is a blessing. 
BUT before I leave you, I forgot to show you my new hair! I got it cut about a week and a half ago and am absolutely obsessed with it.  Have a great day!
 And a little "Outfit of the Day" look. Ignore the mess of my bed behind me.


Anonymous said...

Love the haircut!!!

Katie said...

thank you!