June 20, 2013

My First Day Out of the House

Right, so as you know I have been in the house just sitting around, but YESTERDAY I WAS ABLE TO LEAVE...other than reasons of weekly doctor check-ups. My friend and I decided to take his dog to the dog park. My mom drove me over to his house (still unable to drive here), then I had to deal with the hobbling up and down of stairs. Other than that I did great. We went to the beach, hahahahahaha, sand + crutches = extremely sweaty Katie and extremely out of breath Katie. He let his dog off the leash and the dog did not bolt free, he just walked with us, I was very surprised. I found a bench to sit myself upon and watch my friend and his dog play by the ocean. The sun came out to play as well. It was a great afternoon of sunshine and dog play. Best part was when my friend's dog (who was down by the beach) saw me and decided to come over and join me. What a dog. Adorable.
I think I had to do about 583 trips up and down the stairs after the beach (not really, more like 6), basically I was exhausted and I never want to see another staircase for the rest of my existence on crutches. we finished the day off with Starbucks, Goldfinger and pizza. It was a lovely day out of the house. And I am still recovering..

also my foot looked like Aunt Marge's foot when Harry Potter blows up his aunt. I had to elevate it over night, today it looks like it's normal swollen self.

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