June 21, 2013

Friday Confessions

Today is Friday, it is Friday, Friday, Friday. YAYHOOOOEY!

-Being unable to communicate from my brain to my leg to move up the stairs. I literally just stared at the stairs and did nothing. I somehow figured it out, but it did take some time....
-Brushing my teeth 10 seconds in and I realize it's not my toothbrush.
-Falling over, not as much as last week, but I'm still trippin(oh!),  stumbling(oh!), slippin(Oh!), fumbling(oh!)....
-Being unable to think properly. I think I have early onset old persons' problems.
-Drinking a lemon drop before dinner......yeah you know.
-Having overly shaky hands after going through surgery and having to point things out to people...I'm not nervous I just cannot control the shakes.
-Moving from my room to the couch, and down the stairs, reach the bottom of the stairs and sounding so out of breath it appears like you have never exercised in your life.
-Moving around via crutches or hopping leg, sweat. sweat. sweat.
-Having a foot so swollen you don't even recognize it. Hi, where did you come from?
-First outing to the grocery store, not 1 but 2 people see you standing around and decide to comment "Ouch!", yeah, haha, you sound like E.T..and now I am self conscious.
-For the first time in your life you feel like you can relate to a dog....a 3 legged dog, who is having to hop everywhere and shakes when trying to balance. Cutest dog in the world btw.
-My cousin noting that I needed a signature for my "cast". I have no cast. Just an ace bandage. She signed my leg. With orange sharpie.
-Watching a murder mystery show called "Broadchurch"...I got slightly addicted to it. Therefore when nighttime came I could not sleep. Not until 4 am some nights. Yeahh. Good news. I finished the show so I am back to normal sleep time.

-Getting the stitches out of my foot! (painful but yay! I got to wash my foot finally)
-Going to the beach with my friend and it was a gloriously sunny day.
-Getting my parents hooked on Sherlock. Oh yes! (My dad now analyzes everything we do now. He pretends he is Sherlock....he did the same thing when we got hooked on Downton Abbey..he pretended he was Carson)
-Sunshine. Rain. Happy Girl.
-It's the longest day of the year today....therefore I stayed in bed little longer than normal.
-The countless amounts of naps I take and then my cats join me, cat nap time.
-Warm pain aux chocolat
-My dad made his famous baby back ribs. Oh nom nom nom.


Anonymous said...

Three-legged doggie, ET "Ouch" pointing, orange sharpie leg=very very funny and awkward moments...Sunshine, a friend, and a beach outing=awesomely great day!

Anonymous said...

How's your leg moving this week?