June 10, 2013

Tales of the Crippled Child

I'm a crippled girl. I have been for the last 6 days and let me tell you, it is not as glamorous as it sounds. Laying in bed for almost a week sounds so fun when you aren't ordered to do so. The only daily adventures I'd get to go on were the one's to visit the restroom or shower.

Here's what I have done while molting away in my room.

-Watched an entire season of a tv show
-Watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies for the first and last time of my life.
-Got caught up on most of the sleep I missed while away at college
-Threw up twice, disgusting.
-Watched (I will only type out the letters to how much I watched before I fell asleep) :
  -Lion King
  -101 Dalmatians
  -Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  -Toy Story 3
  -Blind Side
  -Bride Wars
  -Strictly Ballroom
  -Pitch Perfect
  -Pride and Prejudice
  -Beauty and the Beast
I watched more than that but for some reason my memory of last week is fuzzy and blank, thanks heavy pain meds and sleep.

-Learned that my body has very strong muscle movement because every time I'd fall asleep my foot would spasm, thus jerking me awake in horrible pain from the screws. That happened the first 3 days.
-My family would eat dinner in my room while I ate applesauce, fruit, and toast lots of toast. I did have normal food at first but then I got sick so that's when I had to switch to broth and saltine crackers.
-That your body can be absolutely limp and comfortable for days on end and then eventually your back wakes up and you can no longer sleep. Back ache.
-My cats ended up snuggling up with me for a few days, I lovvvvvedddd it.
-The weather outside was ridiculously nice when I was unable to be really mobile. This week it's supposed to rain, and I feel like I could go for a run. Urgh.
-Being served all meals in bed is a luxury that I will never tire of.
-I was reminded again of how amazing my mom is, she is an extremely good mother and such a good care taker. The rest of my family is too, but my mom wins the goldest of gold medals.

OH. I fell on Wednesday night (I'm pretty sure it was Tuesday night, but my family is all in agreement that it was Wednesday...) I went down the hall at 30min past midnight to grab food to take with my pills, unfortunately my crutches got caught on the rug in the hallway. Out from under me went my crutches and slammed down on to the ground went my left foot (pinkie toe first). It was so utterly painful because my pinkie toe has a screw in it, I began crying like a 6 year old girl and grabbed my foot, crouched over in the hallway waiting for someone to get me since I couldn't move. I thought I was going to fall over from the pain alone. My sister was downstairs and heard me fall so she bolted up the stairs, then my dad ran down the hall from his room. Next thing I knew my sister Laura was there and then my mom. Which in a time like this, your mom is the only one you want to see. My family surrounded me and helped me get back to my room. They brought me food, an ice pack and water. I fell asleep somehow and now am not allowed to leave my bed without my masshoove moonboot-like-boot to protect my foot. There was nothing we could see like blood or anything that occurred from that incident, but they will x-ray my foot tomorrow to make sure the screw is in the correct spot. I hope it is.
ANYWAYS. HERE'S A PHOTO OF MY FOOT. (look at that gnarly huge nail across my foot)
I do feel back to my normal self this week and therefore am able to blog again, I feel like if I had blogged last week the blog may have been entertaining but it also would have been confusing as ever so therefore I decided to cancel out blogging or operating heavy machinery. Ah, but I'm back now and I will be more mindful to blog to you beautiful folk.Yeah so today I will continue to lay low but today is also shower day, which means I bag the leg, sit on a shower chair and stick my left leg out of the shower, it's really fun.

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