June 6, 2013

I'm Still Here

Oh it's June now and until now, I haven't written a thing!

I had surgery on Tuesday so that is the main reason why I have been away from my blog for sometime. And I also have been running around my city visiting people and hanging out with my family.

Yeah, so I got about 3 inches of dead, scraggly unmanageable hair chopped off. Now I have movement and body into my hair, but most importantly, my hair is HEALTHY again!!

But Tuesday, well Tuesday I had bone surgery. Yum.
Basically my foot was ugly and needed to be fixed for health purposes. I need to have my right foot done too, but that'll be another time. I am not allowed to put any weight on my left foot for about 4 weeks and then it can take any where from 6-8weeks. Yay. So for now I am bedridden, with my left foot elevated and bandaged. I have watched A LOT of movies, and my bed and I are in a more serious relationship, spending all day and night together. I am in a bit of pain but the painkillers help to ease it, but on the other side of that, they make me unbelievably tired, so sleeping is also occurring all day. Oh and last night, I needed to grab a snack from the kitchen so I could take my medicine and well, I fell. I have crutches and while they look doable, they require a lot of smaller movements and balance to keep one from falling. Basically it was super duper painful when I feel because I landed on my left foot, right on one the screws that is in my foot. OW! My whole family woke up and helped me get back to my room. Oweeee!

Okay well I will write more later and add photos, but for now I am off for sleep since I am half sleeping right now. BYeeeeee.

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