July 25, 2013

Books & Ribbon

I don't know if I mentioned this or not (I'll feel like such an impersonal blogger if I haven't) but my sister is getting married at the end of this year! With that said, it has been nothing but bridal, bouquets, & booking talk at my parents house. My parents have 3 daughters, so these conversation topics are far from over. My older sister, but the middle child, is the beautiful bride while me and my other sister will be the blubbering bridesmaids. She is also the first out of the 3 of us to be married. It is going to be a joyous time for our family and I am way excited to see her looking beyond stunning.

What is the point of all this wedding talk? Well friends, I have been put in charge of the centerpieces for the reception! EEEgads! I know exactly what I am going to do and it involves old books and pretty ribbon. :D So today after work my friend and I are off to go hunt down some deals on used books and find the perfect ribbon to literally tie the decorations together.

Calculating the number of books we will need will not be done by me. I am horrid at math. I am just going to use the guess and check method until my dad comes along with measurements, graph paper, and calculations.

I am really excited to put the mock up together of what I am aiming for as the decorations, plus it's artsy and creative which is right up my alley...that is right after you take a quick turn to the left...AND THEN it is right up my alley. Thus why I am bringing along my friend today, she is beyond creative and makes it look effortless.

I have done hair, nails, desserts, flowers and cake decorating for weddings before (the blessings of cousins) but this time I am involved in something a little less stressful and it's my sister's wedding, so no matter what way I look at it, I am going to have fun.

Have any of you been placed in charge of wedding details?

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