July 29, 2013

Nonstop Weekend

did a fair few things this weekend, but most importantly, on friday I got the "o.k." to go CRUTCH FREE!! I have no more crutches in my life :D
I still have to wear the space boot until further notice, but I can wear a tennis shoe for 30 min a day 3x a day. Slowly working my self up to all day foot antics.

On Friday, after my doc's appt. I went and took photos for my best friend for her big life changing move she is making this fall. It was a day well spent, and hot as ever in the sun. But the photos turned out beautiful.

Saturday was my dad's side of the family massive reunion day. We spend all day at the beach talking, eating, playing, eating, laughing, eating, photo taking, eating, eating...and then it's time for lunch....after lunch repeat the above cycle till dinner. ;)
It's an annual event, this year was a smaller crowd but I still didn't know everyone there...and this has been happening since I was tiny...so that's how big my family is. I did get a nice tan though, however seeing as my nose is the length and shape of a ski slope, it got redder than Rudolph's. Lovely.
The photo below is me and my cousins recreating a photo from 12 years ago.

Sunday. Sunday was the day I tried to lay low. My cousin stayed the night Saturday, and so on Sunday she joined us for church and after church tea. It was vunderbar. After she left my sister and I cleaned her room till she almost keeled over and died. But it is now sparkly and shiny and pretty. I even got her to hang up photos that have been laying around for almost a year. BUT WE DID IT.

Fun thing that did happen on Sunday, my sister and I decided to take a break from cleaning and head into town to main street. We unintentionally found some good buys at a few antique stores and I am now the proud owner of a water painting. It fits perfectly on the wall of my bedroom and I'm obsessed with it. I also found a sketch of the interior of Westminster which is hanging on the wall of my sister's room, as well as a gorgeous pillow which is sitting on my sister's bed. We say unintentionally because we only intended on buying frozen yogurt at the new shop on the street. Whoops. ;)

I wish you all a good week! I am gonna go sit in the sun until work calls. and then anxiously await the dramatic episode of the Bachelorette tonight! Ooooo yay!


Sarah Boast said...

Hey! These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love the one of the boats :)
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Katie said...

Thank you!! Your blog is great!

Dasha Zet said...

Great blog, follow you now) Hope you follow me back, it would be fantastic;)