July 8, 2013

Monday Mishaps and Hello's

Hi, I'm Katie, I seem to have gotten lost but, fear not! I managed to locate a map and navigated my way back to this space here.

Happy July to all of you! I have had the most wonderful of weekends being that I was able to make mine a four day weekend thanks in part to the Fourth of July celebration. My family was able to have a low-key day, spent watching home videos and hanging out. My friend Abby and I went to Edmonds in the evening to catch the fireworks while sitting on the beach. It was perfect.
As many of you know, I have been recuperating from my foot surgery that occurred last month and I would like to update you on the news that I can put weight on my foot now! I can't walk on it without crutches but I am allowed to stand on it. And by next Tuesday I will get a solid lesson from my doctor on how to properly walk on it without crutches, however I still have to wear my moon boot. But the foot is looking right on schedule for healing so yay! Also, my best friend happened to feel enough sympathy of not wanting me to feel left out of things that, last week he broke his ankle while mountain biking. 6 weeks of nothing for him. Crutches races to come....

I landed myself a summer job as well! It's perfect for my recovering foot and is pretty laid back, which is a bonus. I caught a bug too....the shopping bug. So many amazing pieces out there right now, which means my bank balance may be worn on my body. Ha!
It has been such wonderful weather here, which means lots of lemonade, sunshine and trips to the lakes. Gah I love summer time.

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