July 11, 2013

Shhh This Is A Sneaky Post

Current Status: At work.
Currently doing: absolutely nothing, hence why I am able to blog.

Today happens to be the saddest day in Seattle. The weather is a bit chillier today thus meaning the 80 degree weather we had been having for the last 2 weeks, has decided to cool off at hit the low 70's. Also the sun is playing hide-and-seek with the clouds.

Can I just say that I love meeting people for breakfast or coffee. More than I like meeting people for lunch or dinner. There is something so sweet and comforting about having tea and a baked breakfast treat with a friend. Dinner seems so formal, breakfast is so cozy. And that's my thoughts on that.
This morning my mother and I met up with our dear friends for crepes and coffee (for me it was tea, but they ordered coffee). They are a mother and daughter duo as well, we have been friends with them for 20 years and honestly me and my friend are exact copies of our mothers. We can talk about anything for hours (3 hrs. today) and it literally feels like we have just been talking for 5 min. I love those friendships. I find it endearing to grow up with people and know them so well, and they know you so well. No judgment, no need for explaining, and lots of laughter. They just get you. It's those friendships that keep me sane.

My friend and I have decided that if we end up old spinsters we will pack up and move to the countryside in England. We will open up a Bed & Breakfast. And you can all visit. Cool.

Well 3 hours later and bellies full of crepes, I smell like onion and garlic. And I'm at work...maybe that's why no one has been in the office since I've arrived.............whoops.

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday wherever you are. :)

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