July 15, 2013

Then an Owl Flew in Front of Us

Last weekend was a good one, the weather was warm, the plans for the day were chill. It was good.
Saturday night my sister and I had tickets to see Passenger at a smaller more intimate venue in Seattle. Having been there before my sister knew that no seat in the house was bad, which meant leaving our house when the doors opened for the show. No worries. We made it and still got a rockin good spot. And yes, I was on crutches. I hung in the back of the venue near a window seat and just stayed far from the crowds, until the crowds stayed close to me and well, I was kicked and nearly bumped a few times.
Our gig buddies met up with us at the show, which is always a good time with them. :)

The opener was amazing! Stu Larsen....little preview of what tomorrow's posting will be....hint hint
So I will not elaborate much more except that he exceeded my expectations of what other people had suggested of his musicality.

A great thing about this gig was the timings. Usually artists are ridiculous and place a good 30 min between their opener and themselves, which leaves the audience antsy and agitated, or bored. Passenger gave himself maybe 15min before coming on stage which was perfect since that gave me enough time to elevate my foot and reduce the swelling.

Passenger did a top notch performance. I have come to the consensus that he is one of my favorite singers to see live. Personal favorite song of his is "Heart's on Fire" which he always performs as a trio or a duo. The harmonies for that song make me weak. And that song is stunning. The set time was the right amount, leaving the crowd with a glass filled with the perfect amount of music.

My sister and I met Mike (Passenger) after the show. He asked me how I managed to hurt my leg, and without a cooler made up story to tell I told the truth, to which he said "Awh, well bless you for coming out for the show." I still wish I could have just said I had to fight off 5 snapping turtles or something like that. Needless to say he is a kind dude.
Then my sister and I slowly hobbled back to our car and drove home.

What I wanted to add to the story was that while we were waiting for Mike to come out (which was maybe 20 min after the show) I was hit on by a man. He would not stop talking to me. When he asked me what school I go to I lied and told him Pepperdine. And this ladies and gentlemen is when you need to place a made up boyfriend or girlfriend on hand in the back of your mind so people can get a clue. Basically he wouldn't stop talking to me. It was obnoxious.

We made it back to our car. Being that it was midnightish in Seattle means that a lot of homeless folk are out and about asking for whatever. A man in a wheel chair noticed my sister and I were returning to our car. He asked us what was in the box. We told him nothing. He asked us if we had food in the box. My sister told him no. He repeatedly asked us where our food was. I hopped in the car locked the doors, let my sister in and asked her to get the car going. Unfortunately we were too slow and the man in the wheel chair wheeled over to my side of the window and began yelling stuff at me. I was terrified that he was going to hit the window or something.

Tired and shaking. We headed home. As we were exiting for our road a white owl comes out of no where and decides to take off right as we are heading towards it. We stopped the car and caught our breath because we thought for sure that we had hit it. We did not. Phew.

I tried to replay the evening to my sister and finished it with "And then out of no where an eagle--a bird--a flower--an OWL came out..." wowee. Fun evening for sure.

Oh and my foot looked like a jumbo sausage.

Have a great Monday evening folks!

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