July 15, 2013

Tune In Tuesday

This week I chose the soundings of Stu Larsen. Reigning from Australia, Larsen brings the calming sounds of a guitar, vocals and even sometimes, the harmonica. I saw him perform last Saturday and if you read yesterday's posting you would have gotten a head's up for today's post. I find his voice so calming, I sort of forget that I am listening to music. But in a good way! If you like what you hear below be sure to check him out on iTunes and on YouTube!

Paper Sails is avaliable on his EP Ryeford which you can purchase here.

His other EP can be found here on iTunes.


Evie Stoneman said...

This is so lovely and relaxing! Thank you for sharing!
Definitely followed, would love a follow back if you like my blog too :)
Evie xxx

Katie said...

Awh thanks! Stu is great! I'll go check out your blog :)