July 30, 2013

Tune in Tuesday

What would my musical taste be without my first love Michael Bublé. Let me just let you all in on a not-so-secret secret, Bublé was my first love, I mean I loved his sound, his looks, his charm, his buttery voice. I was borderline obsessed with him. I saw him 3 times in one year at shows, I own every album he ever made, and I know 90% of his music by heart. His song Lost was my song when my grandpa was dying, I think the play count on my iTunes is extremely high because of that time in my life. And when Haven't Met You Yet came out I was certain that song was for me. I guess you could say I was insane. But then I discovered different music and Bublé to my dismay got married to a super gorgeous blonde Argentinian woman and there went my hopes and dreams, so I moved on. Moved on so much that I took almost all his music off my iPod. Fast forward to 2 days and almost 3 years later, I was leaving the grocery store and Bublé's new song "It's A Beautiful Day" came on and I found myself taking a moment and without much hesitation, turning up the volume and dancing like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer. The song was so happy. Like permanent grin plastered onto my face kind of happy. basically, I have rediscovered Bublé, but this time in a healthy, I appreciate your music, kind of way. And I realized holy cow! I forgot how smooth his voice is, how fun is lyrics are and how much I just enjoy the stuff he makes. And then I noticed, I did not buy his album. Which is weird. But hey! At least I am back to a stable, normal, noncreepy fan status. His crooner voice is just stupendous!

Here is his song "It's a Beautiful Day".

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