September 16, 2013

It's A Beautiful Day!

Hello fellow readers :)
I hope today is not a case of the terrible Mondays'. I am in a peppy, happy mood today and I think it's because it's Fashion Week in London, oh and I had a REALLY delicious breakfast this morning and I only changed my outfit once before leaving for class, which is a record for me.

I woke up this morning at an earlier time then normal, little did I know my body was actually helping me out by waking me up just in time to start watching the live feed of the Burberry SS14 fashion show. And oh my beautiful gems of fabric clinging to the bodies of runway models. There were so many beautiful pieces that I did not know where to look. Obsessions were the sweaters with the midi skirts and the lacy skirts. Bravo Burberry you did another classic fashion show.

New York fashion week was last week, and there were too many shows to post about that I found enjoyable. But if you want to check out the ones I enjoyed then I suggest you get onto YouTube and watch Prabel Gurung, Diane von Furstenberg, Nonoo, and oh my goodness OSCAR de la RENTA. I mean HELLO.

Gosh, I live for these 3 weeks (one of my favorite things to do when watching the shows is to spot Anna Wintour and any other celeb or fashion exec., or find Rachel Zoe sitting front row.) and the best is yet to come....Paris Fashion Week kicks off next week. I may die a chiffon, silk and organza death. Cannot wait!!
....oh and my parents will be over there yet again for another trip of theirs that just happens to be in France. Ugh. Enjoy mom and dad, I hope you spot Anna Wintour & Karl Lagerfeld because Bonjour and Oh la la!

Can I please tell you folks what I had for breakfast?? I made oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar & blueberries (my go-to), then I had toast with peanut butter and the other piece of toast with jam and butter. Oh and then add in a cup of my favorite Twining's English Breakfast Tea. It was a breakfast of people who are mental and think they are half british. That'd be me.

Oh man I am feeling so happy today. And I hope this feeling continues thru the week since I have SO much work to do. And on top of my studies I am applying for study abroad for the Spring Semester. Cross your fingers that I get accepted, it's only been a dream of mine for the last 4 years of my life :)

Here is the fabulous Burberry show I was oogling here.

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