September 23, 2013

Miss Abby

We all have friends. We all have best friends. And from those friends there is usually only 1 or 2 that you always go to. My go-to person is my best friend Abby. She is such a good person. I think of her like the sunshine, like ALWAYS smiling about something even if it's just a cup of tea, she will be smiling. We weren't friends until our senior year in high school, which seems so odd to me now. We had anatomy together in our senior year and that's when our friendship came into being. We decided that if neither of us had dates for prom we would be each other's dates. Can you guess what happened? Yes. We did not have dates for prom. Abby was my date. And the best date ever.
And the rest is history. We hung out that summer so much that I felt like I was adopted into her family, which her parents still refer to me as their trouble child. We have gone through so much together these past 5 years and I honestly don't remember not having her as my friend. We were raised very similarly, same beliefs, same family outlook, which makes for conversations to be unbelievably easy. And we laugh. All.the.time. She is my soul sister.
So what does all this have to do with my life?
Today my best friend is traveling to the other side of the world to live in China for a year. I am so beyond proud of her. This takes a huge step of faith and trust in God, and in herself. I have no doubt in my mind that she will thrive from the culture and grow into who she truly is. I will miss her like no other, and with a 15 hour time difference it'll make for some odd timed FaceTime sessions, but hey, they have to be done, I mean, duh. Keep her in your thoughts if you want to, while she is over there. I am so excited for her! She was made for this.


Hannah said...

Love these pictures! It will be tough to have your friend away but it will make you appreciate your time with her so much more!

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Anonymous said...

Know you two will keep supporting each even an ocean apart.