September 9, 2013

Katie and the Case of the Food Baby

Hi. Over here. No no over here!!
I have come to admit to you folks that I have consummed 7 cupcakes over 3 days.

I don't know what or how I did that but I did. They were delicious and I am now with a Food Baby. Thanks french vanilla cake with rainbow chip frosting.

Also I happened to gain some lovely color yesterday while I decided to go on a 3 mile loop. I was gonna run but seeing that my foot is still a bit swollen from post surgery I decided a walk would suffice. I now am the proud owner of a tank top tan, as well as a Tom's tan, and a tennis shoe/ankle sock tan. Purdyyyy lady.

I hope you all had good weekends. I relaxed mostly, did homework, and ate my weight in food. I feel good though and yesterday was the only case of homesickness I have felt since arriving back at my school. Which has now been a full 8 days. Crazy.

Besides that I am enjoying my classes as of right now, with 3 psych and 1 anatomy science class :D

AND THE BOYS HERE ARE NOT TOO SHABBY IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF. I completely forgot that fun part of my university. Hubba hubba muscles galore.

Have a great monday!!

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