September 6, 2013

Friday Confessions (Story Version)

Normally on Friday Confessions I do bullet lists of things that have happened to me during the week, but since I had some VERY interesting things happen to me this week I figured I would just share stories instead of a list.

Let's start on Sunday. The day I flew solo to LA in order to make my way back to Uni. With eyes full of water and two very heavy bags packed with clothing and shoes, I said goodbye to my parents who kindly dropped me off at the airport in Seattle and well.....First I had 3 bags, one carry on suitcase, a checked suitcase and my backpack which contained my laptop. Oh and I also had my full size sleeping pillow. My mom and dad had to work together to get the pillow buckled ontop of my carry on luggage. They eventually got it. Thank goodness though because with out it I would have had to figure out how to manage the airport with a pillow probably dragging on the floor.
I made it to the check-in desk, and had no free hands to wipe the tears off my face that were rolling down my cheeks. So I looked like I was sweating....maybe. Then I checked my baggage, walked over to security line and was doing just fine until the guy went to check my id and ticket. I set my luggage down and when I went to grab it back from him I let go of my luggage and it tipped over. Embarrassed was me.
I hate security because I try not to hold anyone up but I have to take my shoes off, my laptop out of the bag, and then take the jacket off, and somehow I end up with 5 bins and a suitcase to shove through the screener. And then once they okay you, I have to rush to put my shoes back on, jacket on, laptop in bag which I always just end up grabbing everything in a confumbled mess and hobble to go and sit down to put things back on. Sweating and tired I wandered around the airport because I forgot to check where my gate was. First I had to find a map/list and then I found out I had to get on the shuttle. La la la, made it to the plane, get on the plane and remove my pillow from my luggage, end up hitting a man in the face with my pillow as I'm lifting my suitcase up. Go to sit down in my seat and I hit my head on the overhead stowage container (dad, you could've made those a little taller.....). Sit down and somehow I slept.
I got to LAX, found my luggage, found my shuttle, found my school, take stuff outta storage and sweat like a man all day long because holy cow LA is hot.

Last night my roommates and I all were in sweats, make up less (except for one) and kinda about to go to bed when we hear whistles bowling and Oh HEY! It's a firedrill. Grrrreaaaat.
I had taken a shower about 10 min prior, my hair was airdrying and I was about to take a hairdryer to it, so luckily I hadn't done that yet. I took my frizzy, damp hair and up in a bun on top of my head it went. Grab a sweatshirt because ya know, at that time of night I am braless. My other roommate had half of her face make up removed so now I call her "two faced". ANother roommate had been sleeping for about an hour so she, in a half zombie like manor made it outside with us, and the last roommate was about to put nailpolish on her nails. We all 4 looked like a disheveled bunch of college girls. We go outside and all the other girls are fully dressed, makeup still on, and hair still done. The guys had a mixture of attire and one guy came out with a toothbrush in his mouth. Basically we made it known to our whole dorm that we clearly are the party room...but only if that party is a sleeping party.

Yesterday I found a seat in my 70 person lecture hall and when I went to sit down, my seat I chose was stuck between the other chairs and I had to maneuver the chairs for about what felt like 5 min, was probably 10 seconds and sat down. Yeah....

Lastly. Well I thought I walked into the wrong class today and half walked in then walked out then walked back in again. Smooth.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I am so glad the weekend is here!!!


Evie Stoneman said...

Hilarious! Great post :D I love reading your stories, they always make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Great descriptions. Your tales make me laugh too!

Katie said...

Thank you!!