September 5, 2013

Off To A Messy Start

Today is my second day of classes i.e. first day of my other classes. I have anatomy and psych stats....ew. My classes aren't until the afternoon which means I have all morning to take my sweet time. This morning was the morning I attempted to make my standard oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar and fresh blueberries. Nom nom nom. Thinking that the microwave was the same at the one at my house (this the first part where I went wrong) I set it for my typical power 4, 7:00 min setting.......4 min later, check the oatmeal to stir it and everything had boiled over. GREAT. The bowl was scorching and my oatmeal was overdone but oh well. Then I decided, I would make a fried egg. I got out my frying pan, cooking spray and put the skillet on #4. Take the egg out. Oh the egg is cracked. Wahoo. I went to crack the rest of the egg into the pan, only to notice that the pan was too hot and the cooking spray was burning. Fixed that in no time. Added the egg, which ended up leaking in the pan which means that my yolk did not stay in a nice little ball.
Back to the oatmeal..I added cinnamon and brown sugar, which the brown sugar ended up dumping too much into my bowl of oatmeal, and then I added my blueberries. And my congealed mess was finished. Add in me being unable to properly flip my egg over, and then grabbing a fruit cup which spilled onto the floor and well folks my breakfast was pathetic looking.

Needless to say I ate it. And it wasn't half bad.

Now I just have to figure out the microwave and stove, then my masterpiece breakfast will come along very nicely.

It's another scorcher today in So Cal. A charmingly sweaty 86 degrees. And I will spend the heat of it inside a hopefully well a/c'd classroom. Woohoo.

Have a great Thursday everyone!! Thank goodness it's almost the weekend.


Bisma Rauf said...

It sure is a messy start :)

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Katie said...

Hahaha yes i know. so me!