October 16, 2013

Fall Fashion Fest #2

Somehow I completely forgot about last week's post! OOPs! Here is what I want to wear more than anything. For 1, I wish I had glasses, and 2 I wish I had an endless money tree. The coat and boots are a bit pricey but in my opinion shoes and jackets are staples that get worn so much you should spend a little more on them. Plus wouldn't you want to have a quality warm jacket?? I would. This coat from Topshop looks so snuggly with that removable fur lining and hood. Oooo cozy fall! I wish it was cooler in LA, but alas I must rely on Polyvore to keep me daydreaming. Currently wearing shorts; daydreaming of slippers and cider. :)
Happy Wednesday!
Fall Wardrobe

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