October 17, 2013

Thursday is Tiresome

We have officially hit mid-semester here at my school. 9 weeks left of the semester, which is crazy! I have the same amount of tests that I have had every week, and the same amount of papers, so really the midterm/semester bit doesn't effect me. But this weekend is homecoming at my school and well....I AM TRYING TO GET EVERYTHING DONE before tomorrow so I can have enjoyable weekend. Why is that you ask? Well my cousins are coming to visit me on Friday and we have the weekend filled with plans. For instance, as soon as I get out of class tomorrow they will be here and we are heading straight to the beach (finally) and we won't stop doing things until Sunday afternoon. You can imagine my mind set right now...if only there were 2 of me...or even 3. I am determined to not think about school until after they leave which will be very difficult to do ;)
I should be finishing this paper that is due tomorrow so after classes today I can study for my test that is tomorrow. That is my goal. I have 2 hours till I have to leave for class. Crossing my fingers that I can finish this paper. I am halfway through it so that's saying something.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Big plans? Small plans? No plans?

P.S. My parents return from their month long trip in France and I am SO excited that they will be home again, not that it affects me since I live so far away but this does mean I can call my mom whenever I need to and go "MOM!" That woman keeps me sane. I have gone slightly insane since they left.

....I love me some Howard.


Jennie Grange said...

so fun your cousins are coming to see you! I feel like weeks go by fast and faster every time. xo

Katie said...

I know! Now it's november and I am feeling like it was just summer....oi vey.