October 11, 2013

Friday. I Love You.

This week has been unbelievably stressful for me. So many tasks that scare me to take care of, that as of 40 min ago, completed. I am exhausted. And that is why I have not blogged at all this week, SOOOO BUSY. School is a tough job when you actually care about how you do on papers, tests, etc..
Put that aside for now, I am so beyond excited for this weekend. I can catch up on things, finish assignments, and maybe sleep through the night? Our school is playing our rivals on Saturday night and the theme is blackout. So everything black must be worn. It's going to be brilliant.
My roommate and I are ordering a pizza tonight and chillin' with movies and tea. Never been more excited to not have class the next day.
On Wednesday it rained. And by rain, I mean it sprinkled. And all the Californian students were like "Oh my gosh, it's POURING!!" I do not know how they went to that extreme. I was thinking it was a nice pleasant rain. But whatever....dramatic child. ;)
I am now going to share with you all an awesome care package that I recieved from my sisters. I was not expecting anything, go to my mailbox and I spotted a neon orange slip. Pretty sure neon orange is my new favorite color. A neon orange slip of paper means you either have a package or a large envelope. This is what they sent me.
Cool right. No. INSANELY AMAZING! Every time I picked something up, more stuff was under it. And if you look closely, you'll see 2 Nutella to-go cups. Muahaha, danger zone for this one. They also put tons of makeup, snacks, festive towels in there, 2 gift cards AND 4 MOVIES!!! I MEAN WOWEE. I have never felt more loved or spoiled by my sisters than I did yesterday. They wrote in the card that they "..would have bought it for me if I was shopping with them" but instead "..they can still spoil me from 1200 miles away." I really do have the best older sisters ever. Being the youngest has its perks.
I also received a post card from my mom, all the way from France. She told me tons about my mom and dad's trip over there. And never have I ever wanted to do a tour of a country more than I do right now. My parents are so adventurous and living life how it should be lived. They are inspiring people.

Okay I am off to my last class of the day. Have a great Friday everyone, let me leave you with this hilarious babbling baby video that we watched in my child psych class today. Try not to laugh. Just try. I busted out laughing in class....

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Anonymous said...

That video is a riot. Wait til she's a teenager, they'll never get a word in edgewise. Also, looks like that was the best care package ever. Your are loved!