October 14, 2013

Running Around Like a Loon

By the title of my post I am sure some of you have guessed that today was less than a calm day. This last weekend I think I spoke less than I ever have. Yep, I was stressed out. You see friends, today I sent off an application for something that I have wanted for the last 4, almost 5 years of my life. I have never felt so emotional, crippled and headache prone than these last 3 days. But good news, as of 2 hours ago, I sent the application off into the hands of the people that could make this dream of mine come true!! Cross your fingers for me. I should have kissed the envelope....doh!
Have any of you chased something you have wanted more than anything?? I didn't think that was my personality, but as I have gotten to know myself more and more, I realized I am that way. It takes encouragement, but I give it my all. :) Kinda cool.

I apologize for not posting last week, I was getting everything ready for today's big send off so I really couldn't focus on blogging. I also had two major anatomy tests. Ew. School is fun.

Hope you are all having a great day. I am currently seat dancing and heavily head-bobbin to Beyonce's "Upgrade U", which is so fierce. Like "Hi, I am a power song." I busted this song on after class today as I was walking back to my dorm, hah ha I gave the pavement some serious attitude. And it was windy today, so I got some nice wind/hair action. Even bettahhhh. I am gonna give y'all some power & punch to you..(The first video is the first verse repeated and repeated, but the choreography is amaze. Below it is the full song. I just couldn't decide!!)

Alright I'm out. Happy MONDAY!!


Anonymous said...

What did you apply for?

Anonymous said...

It's gonna happen! I can feel it. ( Btw, Beyonce can sure move.)