January 20, 2014

Bath and Stonehenge

Yesterday our school put us onto buses and shipped us out to Stonehenge and Bath for the day. I think I spent a majority of the bus ride looking out the window going "Oh wow. So pretty." When we made it to Stonehenge and saw the rocks well that's all there was. It was interesting to look at and I am glad I got to see it but that's all there is to it really. Stones piled up on each other, 360 degrees around. It was a great day to go out though since there was no rain. We spent a good hour there and then headed off to Bath.

BATH. It should really be renamed "Pretty Place to Live" because that's what it is. We immediately hit up the Roman Baths which are a staple when visiting Bath. This was my second time going so I spent less time taking photos and more time looking at artifacts in depth. I separated from the group and took my own time going through all the exhibits. I love history. I actually just find it so fascinating that certain artifacts survived through these centuries. My absolute favorite part is the skeleton they have of a Roman. SO COOL!! I love skeletons. My mom says that's weird. I embrace it. I also was able to get into some rooms by myself and with the darkness of the room and the constant dripping of water it was slightly eerie. I love looking at how people used to live, part of me wants to be an archeologist just because of all the things they find. Like BONES and all the baths and different rooms, notes people left, jewelry etc..
After I almost fell and my audio guide died, I headed out and bumped into my tour guide who then asked if me and some other girls I ran into wanted a walking tour of Bath. So obviously we went. We made our way around the town, up to my favorite place the Royal Crescent and the Circus. And then I kept internally freaking out because I just cannot handle how amazing it is there and also I would like a house there or an apartment, I'm not picky. Just sayin'.
Once the tour was over my friend and I bought some fruit scones from the most adorable cafe. We asked for "take away", which they then proceeded to put our scones (warmed up obviously) in a little box complete with jam (and cream for my friend) in little containers with silverware. 

That was my day. I am currently doing laundry and since class was cancelled for me today I was able to go oogle over some children walking to school, buy groceries, and get my phone sorted. It's been a productive day. P.s. The laundry is free here. I mean. WIN!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I just have to say that I am definitely going to visit Bath and see it through your eyes. I'll probably go to Stonhenge, too, even though I think 'it's just a bunch of rocks'. I love the way the sunlight hits the chimneys in your photo. Gorgeous day! Great Pix!

Passion Photography* said...

You've got a very interesting blog here! I went to Stone Age last year, it was great as i learnt it in school and there it was before my eyes! Officially your 36th Follower, if you could check out mine and maybe follow would make my day :)


Katie said...

Thank you!

Katie said...