January 18, 2014

England, You Win.

These last few days have caused me to drift away from my computer and spend more time exploring this place. A few days ago my friend and I decided to go explore the park near our home. After wandering through the pathways that pass by a zillion trees, we found gold. PETER PAN. Yes, I found the Peter Pan sculpture that is in Hyde Park. Bliss. And I was a bit starstruck by the look of it. We took several photos by it and then just kept staring at it.
Once we peeled ourselves away from the sculpture we continued through the park (which is easy to do since it is massive). One thing I have to say about going through the park has to do with dogs. English dogs are perfect. Obviously. They don't have leashes..yeah. You may think "Oh that's irresponsible." But no, the dogs follow their owners, they don't run at strangers, they don't bark at strangers, they just stroll through the park like a human. Ridiculous. But awesome.
We passed an Italian Garden, a massive pond, a lot of runners, and a football team. All during lunch hour.

I went to my Video Production class that night and within 10 minutes I knew the class was not going to mix with me. It was a super cool class, but overwhelming as ever. We had to do a video at the end of class for a "time capsule", well I had to go first in my class...ha. There was a camera looking at me, a boom mic above me and all eyes on me. My classmate asked me what I was hoping to get out of the class so I said something like this "Hi I'm Katie. I am in Video Production....And uhmm..I hope to learn how to make movies...uhmm hmm ahh I don't know what to say, this is making me nervous...Uhmmm I guess I just want to learn how to make a proper video." People....I grabbed my face and pushed my hands up into my cheeks. How embarrassing. Awkward Katie caught on camera. I dropped the class.

On Friday's I don't have class and neither do my friends which means we can spend the entire day how ever we wish. I spent the morning planning my spring break with some girls in my program....I am going to Santorini!!!!!!

Then I headed out to Trafalgar with my friend to go explore the National Galleries. I could spend some sweet time there. I found my favorite painting again, and just stared at it for about 10 min. Yeah. And whenever I wanted to look like a deep person I would stand in front of a painting, read the description, look at the painting, twirl my hair a bit and nod my head. Then move on to the next painting.
My good friend from Cambridge came into London that afternoon which meant I got to see him FINALLY! And give him Mike n' Ike's. I got a lovely friendship bracelet from a random man. We walked around chatting and I somehow ended up being the tour guide.....I am American.
We decided to pop into a pub after many hmming and hawing about where to get a snack. Lots of laughs and catch up or ketchup because we had that too. Said adios at the tube station and off I went back to my school.
I have to say riding the tube whilst alone and having music in your ears really can make one feel empowered. Or at least I feel that way. I love London.

That night after our school served us pizza for dinner :) I went to on a date to the Tate with my friend. It closed at 10 we arrived at 930. Bravo to us. We have never looked at modern art so quickly. We will be back though. We decided why not go explore some more. LET ME TELL YOU, London has the most adorable/awesome pubs, alleyways and buildings known to man kind.

Around 11 we headed back to school, stopping off in Picadilly where a club promoter was hollering at me "Blondie! Blondie! Blondie! Lovely Blondie!" to which I turned around and he blew me a kiss as I ran down the steps and into the tube station.

This place. Golly.
I will say this again...London you win. Marry me you beautiful city.

I spose' I should get ready for the day. I am going to the London Eye with my school and then tonight, well tonight will change my life. I am going to see my lifetime love Rupert Grint in a broadway show. You do not understand, I fell into love with him when I was 10...I am nearly 23....that's a long time. Tonight I get to watch him in the flesh. YES. So excited :) Have a great day everyone. I will for sure.


Anonymous said...

Your wanderings make me anxious to get to London and do my own exploring! And, I'm looking forward to the next installment of your life with Rupert.

Katie said...

Oh my! Thank you! We will let you know when we have set a date :)