January 8, 2014

I'm in London!!

Hello from London!! I'm currently sitting in my room with a doofus like smile imprinted on my face. I love it here. Yes. I do.

I have met so many awesome people from the States and never have I felt more of an instant connection to so many people. Love it!
We went out to a pub tonight and I finally tasted the delicious taste of my favorite kind of drink, a cider. Yes. Yum.
London you are very lovely.  I cannot believe I have this fantastic opportunity to live in such an alive city.

Here's a little low down of the past 36 hours:
-emotional goodbye at the airport with my sisters and parents.
-a slightly delayed flight
-8.37hours of seated insanity brought to you by two screaming babies....
-8.07hours of wide awakeness
-Sweating up a storm wearing a sweater and a wool coat with a scarf and boots and carrying 4 months of my life in 2 bags and 1 backpack.
-the rest of day one introducing myself 38492 times. And stating where I am from.
-took a walking tour of my neighborhood.
-fell asleep (somehow I made it) around midnight.
-day two....food, chat, food, walk, explore, explore, explore, food, chat, drinks.

Needless to say I am really enjoying it here..... :D

Some photos if you aren't following me on instagram then these will be new to you..


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! So excited for you!

Katie said...

Thank you!!