January 6, 2014

Today's the Day

Hello from my bedroom fellow readers. I am taking in every inch of my room and the cozy feel of it as the minutes continue to pass farther and farther from midnight. I realized once the clock struck 12 that today was a big day. This is the last time I will be sitting propped up with my fluffy down feather pillows incased in a white pillowcase. This is the last time for a while that I will look straight ahead and see all my photos surrounding my massive gold mirror. The last time for a while that I will have my white duvet and my grandma's blue quilt all around me keeping me snug as a bug. The last time for a while that I will see my elephant grey walls keeping my room cozy and safe. I love this place. I will miss this place. 
You see today I leave for an adventure. An academic and cultural adventure. Today I leave to spend a semester to study abroad. Where am I heading??? Take a guess. 


.................If you said London, you are CORRECT!

Yep. 5 months.

In London. 

Surrounded by all things British. :D

I'm so excited!!!

I cannot wait :
It's going to be GREAT!

And I am absolutely nervous.


The Susielusie said...

You will have an amazing time and do great!

Anonymous said...

It'll be fabulous! You have waited for this for a long time and it'll fly by so fast!

Katie said...

Thank you!

Katie said...

Yes indeed! :)