January 14, 2014

School the English Way

Took this little photo out exploring on Friday
Yesterday was the beginning of classes and for some odd reason I was not the least bit nervous, I don't know if it was because it was a fun class or if I really have just gotten over my anxiety of school....either way I was pleased that I was calm.
My first class and only class for Monday was Psychology and Cinema. And by the looks of it, it will probably be one of my favorite classes because of the fact that the entire course is about analyzing films. How cool! Unfortunately, the only downside is that we have to watch one horror film and since I do not do anything remotely close to scaring the pants off myself I feel that movie watching experience will be horrendous for me. Sheer and pure torture. And I also will probably be having people have to hold my hand and walk me to and from class or even the bathroom. Grrrreeaattt. Other than that I think I will really enjoy the class!
Today was my communications class, and being that I am not a communications major well I was not sure what to think going into the class. I had been reassured by my advisor that the class would be fine if I had taken any sociology classes which I have. So phew. I am in that class with a few of my friends too so thankfully I think that class will be bearable. And plus the professor is really intelligent, like when he was talking I kind of wish I had a dictionary because I did not know what he was saying, but he's british so I just nodded my head and laughed when other students laughed. On the rare occasion that he said words I actually recognized then would I would mentally go "okay, yeah I know what he's talking about. Yeah I can do this." On a side note, while having British professors can be really cool, they're also soothing to listen to, thus I leave the class wanting nothing more than my pillow and a nice long nap.

So that's my classes for Mondays and Tuesdays. I may take a little jaunt in Hyde Park this afternoon and go track down the Peter Pan sculpture. I have always wanted to see it ever since I watched Mary-Kate and Ashley's "Winning London" film.

I am so thankful to be here. I pinch myself every morning I wake up because I am waking up in London. This is my new home for the next 4.5 months and I could not be happier :)

P.s. I also found Caramel Digestives, Maoam stripes AND munchies yesterday at Tescos. If you do not know what these are then you do not know what happiness tastes like.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I am so sorry you have to watch a horror movie! I feel your pain and hope you don't scare yourself toobbadly. Do you get to choose which horror film you watch?

London and everything in it sounds wonderful! I am so glad you like your classes! Miss you, love!

Katie said...

It's called Audition and I am petrified! I miss you!