January 15, 2014


Last night after dinner my friend and I decided we would go for a walk. Where did we walk? Why the city of London of course! Why? Because we can.
Dressed almost completely in black, umbrella loaded in my purse, and oyster card at the ready, we hopped onto the "chhhhuube" and headed straight into London. Fortunately rush hour on the tube was happening in the opposite direction that we were going so we didn't have to deal with being sardines in a metal moving can. When we got off at Westminster we grabbed some hot beverages and began our lovely walk around the Thames. We passed Big Ben, the London Eye, historical building 1, historical building 2, historical building 3,4,5...264 runners, and 4 bikers. It was odd how normal it felt to walk through the city. But every now and then we would stop conversation and go "How cool is this. We are taking a casual walk around London." Normal.
Night time really just enhances Parliament
We headed toward St. Paul's and Millennium Bridge. Both were lit up like glowing beauties. A few iPhone photos later and we decided to walk across the bridge....we were also keeping our eyes peeled for ANY Death Eaters heading towards the bridge, but none were seen.
After crossing the bridge unharmed, and casually strolling past the Globe Theater we decided to head home. It was 8:45 and that was just really close to our bed time. We went to the tube station which was very deserted and slightly sketchy so naturally we took our time taking instagram worthy photos, got back on the tube and headed home. We came to the conclusion that every Tuesday night is a walk and talk night and we have now worked that into our weekly agenda.
Photo cred-my friend
I am off to photography class :D BYE!

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