February 25, 2014

Evening Reflection

Spring is HEREEEEEE!
Oh what a deep title, cue the violins and piano.

Ah nah, I'm not going to be all sentimental tonight.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday! I did. I went to class, and then went shopping. I AM GOING TO GREECE!! I needed some warmer weather clothing which means dresses, t-shirts, shorts, sandals, sunglasses, hats, purses, earrings, necklaces, rings, oh maybe a belt, ah wait! a coin purse! need that....surely I do....
As a result from clothing shopping I ended up with a super cute NOTHING. I bought no new clothes. I am more disappointed than you so obviously the next thing to do was to go to HMV and buy some new music. So I did. I am really happy with what I bought I got The 1975 album and an album of BBC Live Lounge covers and we all know how I love me some Live Lounge. :D

After shopping my friend and I decided to take the longer route home from the tube stop since we wanted to take our time getting to dinner. We wandered down streets in our neighborhood. All I have to say is, I love London.

Oh Class. Yes Class. Fashion Bliss Class. We watched a documentary on Coco Chanel. Psh. I really don't even consider that class "class" it's just straight up joy in 4 walls with a projector, lots of girls and a professor. I love it.
---------------------------------------------------------Past few days.------------------------------------------------
Sunday I had the pleasure of being invited to my cousin's house for Norwegian waffles! Oh my goodness, so delicious. It was completely wonderful. Her and her roommate spoke norwegian at times and I just nodded my head, because I couldn't understand and I thought it sounded cool. Dinner was SO YUMMY. (I realize I have already said that, but I can't get over it).

After dinner I walked to my friend's flat so we could go to his gig. I helped him with his guitars and I got to carry one and I was wearing a leather jacket so I just felt like a proper rock star. Basically for 3 min of my life I believed I was in a band and was really super cool. We arrived at the venue and it was packed for another dude's album release. My friend did a super good job, I face timed my sister so she could enjoy it too. I stood in the back and could not see so well as men kept standing in front of me and they all had a lot of hair and they were blocking my view. So fun. I also was in the corner alone so I probably looked like an unsocial weirdo. I would care but I really had a great time being unsocial and awkward in the corner. After the pub scooted us out because they all wanted to go home me and my friend went back to his flat and got kebabs which were also delicious and I was dancing on the inside because I had been hungry for the past2 hours and I was really hoping we would get to eat. Ended the evening off with some good conversation and wine. I hit the hay and slept like a rock. Until my alarm went off. Boooooo school.

But Monday was super duper pleasant and I threw my scarf in my closet, stripped off the heavy shoes and embraced every ounce of sunlight, warmer weather and soft breeze of that London air. It was joyous. I also didn't realize how many people have legs and arms because I never see them, until monday when everybody decided it was appropriate to show off their skin. Their blinding british skin. Awesome :)

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Anonymous said...

Ah. It feels like Spring has descended on London.