February 23, 2014

From My Corner of the World

Hello! I realize compared to last month that I have been quite mum this month when it came to my blog postings. I have been busy trying to enjoy every minute of being abroad. How on earth did February come and go so quickly?? I am not prepared for March, I mean, that means my semester is halfway over...cue river of tears. I went to Paris for my 23rd birthday, been visiting friends here there and everywhere all while also doing this thing called "school". Oh the life of a study abroad student, if I'm honest it feels like a massive vacation. Let me just be clear, I am NOT complaining.

Oh where to begin, what have I been up to and how to play it so I don't bore you with a lot of words.....

This past Friday I ventured out solo with a cup of tea in hand to an art gallery for my photo class assignment. I have never felt more metropolitan than in that moment where it was just me and a whole lot of confusing images that made no sense. I wore my glasses as to give off the appearance that I was super into abstract art, which was fine until I forgot to take them off while walking around (my glasses are for reading and computer work) and thusly I got slightly sea sick. But do not worry! I managed to find a bench and pretend to look at a piece of artwork for a long time to catch my breath.

I went to my friend's flat for an acoustic music night. SOLO. I didn't preform a solo, I went to the thing alone. Thank you, thank you. I immediately located the wine because basically that helps me to become a social extrovert in a faster time than sans wine. It was a really fun night, the acts were all really enjoyable and I actually met a lot of people. So go me. When I left to get on the tube to head home I had the whole car to myself, never has that happened to me before so I took at least 14 photos of the lonely car and myself.

For Valentine's Day I ventured up to Cambridge to have a cheesy date with my friend. He took me to this super adorable pub (I mean it looked like they took Kate Winslet's house from the holiday and made it into a pub) for dinner. They put confetti hearts on the table and red wrapped chocolate hearts on the spoons there was even a special valentine's day menu. Obviously I ordered steak because YUM. We spent almost 3 hours there chatting, laughing and being awesome. Let me just say it was the best thing ever that they ended the meal with your choice of a cup of tea or coffee. Tea was the no brainer. I love England.

This is a continuation from Valentine's day, after dinner we went for a walk by the river (sounds pleasant right??) well the winds had picked up and so had the rain, so basically we were pushed down the boulevard by the river laughing our heads off. It was spectacular. Also, the umbrella was not being any help because it would just get flipped inside out. Thusly we just jumped around pretending to fly because that is what children do and we are secretly 7 year olds. The evening ended with us watching Notting Hill. I was content with life.

The next day in Cambridge we headed out to the city to dink around and be slightly touristy, which probably would have been more successful if I had not already visited Cambridge with my sister and our friend the last time I was in England. But it was still a good time. Super fun weekend with lots of laughter which I forgot how much good belly laughs help anyone's mood.


I visited my other friend for a lazy Sunday night at his flat watching tv, drinking wine and eating PIZZA. And we all know how much I love my pizza. So that was another win.

I have been looking up flights to here there and everywhere for my next adventure. Who knows where that'll be. Norway, Germany, Ireland....hmmmmm

Spring break is in 2 weeks. Yeah. YIKES!!!

I had a project and presentation last week for photography class and basically my group did not do too shabby (no bad comments from the peers :D) so that felt fantastic. Also....guess who wasn't nervous while presenting. Yeah. Me. WHO HAVE I TURNED INTO?!

I miss my cats. They are cute.

I have begun running again, the last 4 days I have ran in Hyde Park and casually past Kensington Palace....keeping an eye out for Kate. But let me just say, running is my favorite thing. Okay well no, pizza and cats and harry potter are my favorite things, but exercise wise--running wins. I hate it, but when it's over with I love it.

I started watching House of Cards yesterday. Whoops. Some serious binge watching of that show has been occurring in my room.

Nothing else super news worthy here. I am going to my cousin's tonight for NORWEGIAN WAFFLES!! I am so excited! And then it's off to a pub to watch my friend be all musically talented and perform. It's been a solid sunday.

Hope you all have a great Sunday! I'm wearing a dress, painted my toenails and did my hair. It's freezing, I should put on "trousers", and probably socks, and it's threatening to rain. Basically everything I did to look decent today was not necessary because I have currently turned my duvet into a flour tortilla around my body and have become a burrito. BYE!


Anonymous said...

They should make a movie of your life, kind of Bridget Jones style!

Anonymous said...

Katie -- Hope your spring break sojourn in Greece was all, and more, than you expected. Am I missing something, I thought you went to England for the spring semester to study? PGP