March 22, 2014

Spring Break: Greece (Day 4)

Ohhhhh how wonderful it is waking up in a comfy bed with absolutely no time schedule to be on. First things first, our hostel had no breakfast but they did have complimentary tea, coffee, oj, and cake. My friend Meagan and I decided to grab some cake and tea and sit on our balcony for a calm start to the morning. We were in the middle of grabbing cake and tea and only had 3 pieces of cake a piece on the plates when our host comes along, sees our plates, takes them and FILLS THEM. I mean FILLS them. He must have put 20 pieces a piece on each plate. He proceeded to pull a tray out, put our food and drinks on them and send us on our merry way. We were not complaining one bit, we were just shocked he put that much cake on it. But hey if that was any indication as to how the trip would be, I was be okay with that.
We enjoyed every bite of cake and every sip of tea out on the balcony wrapped up in blankets because sadly it was freezing. We had a nice hour of quiet time and chat, we headed back inside to get started on the day. This was hike day. Kelsey, Meagan, Ruth and I were planning to hike the entire 6.6 miles to Oai (the scenic location for Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants). 
First things first, let's be real here, Gyros. Yum. One cannot start their afternoon without consuming these delicious eats...Time to HIKE...
I don't know when it happened but we passed a massive group of construction workers, said hello and asked them if we were headed in the right direction for Oai. They corrected how we pronounced it and then said yes. All of a sudden 2 dogs whom we later named Scar (the 3 legged dog) and Simba, were taking us to Oai. 
 The hidden church that we hiked to the day before
 Scar and Simba
 Hey Oia!
The dogs walked the ENTIRE journey with us. I was very impressed. The views along the way were unreal. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hour hike. We only got sprinkled on and that's it. Once we reached the town of Oia we explored. 
The town was dead. Nearly every hotel, shop, and restaurant was closed. The view was beautiful but it was weird being being in a town so vacant of people. 
Kelsey and Ruth wanted to find food, we ran into a bakery and bought some tasty scrumptious treats. So amazing I still haven't forgot about them. Kelsey and Ruth found a restaurant so me and Meagan decided to explore more. We went towards Ammoudi Bay, a pretty harbor that many fish on and women fall into and get their jeans caught on a hook in the hopes that a Greek man will save them. Alright the last bit is just in Sisterhood but a girl can dream. Since the stairs down to the harbor were long and daunting we decided against climbing all the way to the bay instead we just took a zillion photos on the stairs. Oh and Simba was still with us.
Then we decided to lose ourselves in the town...
When we arrived back at the restaurant our friends informed us that the next bus back to Thira was in an hour and a half. It was freezing outside but we needed to find the bus stop. Success! Found the bus stop, we would have waited for the bus but a taxi driver asked if we'd like a ride into Thira. He gave us a super cheap deal so we said "Yes!" We could barely move out of the car which was only a 20 min drive when we got back to our hostel. We freshened up and a unanimous decision that tonight would be a gyro and bottle of wine night with a movie in our room. Gyro was a great decision. The wine was really cheap and yummy and the movie well it ended with Spider-Man so it could have gone better. 

P.s.....I may have eaten 7 or 8 cookies that evening. So worth it.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to Scar and Simba? More amazing fun photos. I love that you decided to "get lost in the town" and just meander.