March 21, 2014

Spring Break:Greece (Day 3)

We awoke at the lovely hour of 5 am to make sure we had given ourselves plenty of time to check out of our hostel and catch our bus (and locate it). That hour is a rough one. With puffy eyes we strolled out into the early morning air. It took us about 10 min to locate the correct bus stop and buy our bus tickets, not even 10 seconds later did our bus pull up to the stop. There was still 10 min until the scheduled time for the bus to leave for the airport but it was raining and we didn't want to risk missing our bus if we were off trying to find something to eat. We got on the bus and sat there fighting our sleepy eyes.
We reached the airport an hour later, checked our bags and went to go find food. Success! We found over priced bagel omelets and expensive tea :D Airports eat your money, you've been warned.
After a few hours it was time to board our plane! The 4 of us boarded the plane with massive grins plastered on our faces and joy in our hearts!! It was go time :D
The flight was a quick 45min complete with chocolate croissants. Since my friend didn't want hers I volunteered as tribute and ate her chocolate croissant. I'm such a good friend.
As we began our descent into Santorini, I looked out my window and spotted the ever-so famous white buildings and blue domed churches. My body could not handle the moment, I nearly danced out of my seat and down the isle. I couldn't believe I was actually here, nearly 10 years of wanting to visit this place and it was actually happening. I saw the bluest water I have ever feasted my eyes upon and came close to shedding a tear, instead I just dropped my jaw, squealed like a little girl on her birthday, and then became speechless.
Plane landed. Girls grinning. Wind blowing. We stepped off the plane and had to proceed down the stairs to a bus that was sitting on the tarmac. As I was walking down the stairs I began waving like I was the President who was visiting another land. I even had to hold one hand on my hat since it was so blustery, how very First Lady of me. I took in a big whiff of salty air and onto the bus I went.
One thing about Santorini's airport, it is tiny. Only one conveyer belt for luggage, and absolutely no security. No terminal either. You just grab your luggage and leave. It's the perfect airport.
We were picked up by our hostel and driven directly there. I cannot even begin to describe the colors and excitement that Santorini gives off. Our hostel was like a hotel! So nice! They even had tea, coffee and TRADITIONAL GREEK CAKE to greet us when we arrived. So good. So good.
After checking in, dropping our stuff and freshening up it was off to get gyros (yur-oh's) and wander the town. The gyros were not the greatest but they were still tasty.
As we were walking around the town and up through the hotels I think my friends and I couldn't stop saying the words "WOW" or "This is UNREAL"...and any extent of that. I had a lot of feels walking that town on the first day, snapping photos and being oh so very happy. Bliss.
Kelsey the Cat Whisperer
We did see donkeys carrying loads up the hillside, greek men working on the resorts and I think every single person we passed say hello to us. They would ask us where we were visiting from and if we had ever been to Santorini before. Honestly, greeks are the friendliest and most hospitable people I have ever met.
Then we spotted this awesome hill, and we climbed it.
 And there was this tiny church hidden on it.
 It was awesome.
After a very enjoyable afternoon of exploring, we headed back, popped in a movie, and relaxed until dinner....
DINNER. OH YUM YUM YUM. We went to this restaurant called Naoussa which served strictly greek food and free wine. Ha! Oh and free dessert. Again. The food was delicious, I had a chicken pasta dish and ate every bite of it. The hosts were lovely. Still drooling over that dinner....
We went to bed early and slept like babies. It was a magical first day.
Some other photos from my friends:

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