April 29, 2014

Fail & Fabulous

Hey there pretty lady. What a treat you are in for because this post is dedicated to my awkward times that I have had whilst abroad (I don't know why I am posting this now, my time isn't over yet so surely there will be at least 15 more to add to the list.)

Those are my parents. These photos were more entertaining to take than you'd think.

Confidently walking out of a restroom in a pub in Dublin. Go up the stairs, my friend stops me and whispers "Katie, you have something on your shoe...Lemme help you there." Oh hey toilet paper. I hope you enjoyed your trip outside the bathroom. 

Riding on the tube. Acting like I am cool because I know how to stand on the tube. thump thump. BODY slam into the glass doors. Everyone pretended they didn't see it. My face tells all. Hello redness.

 Can I just say tripping? Like that is something I struggle with every single day of my life. Why? Why? Maybe it's just my limbs are so long that I forget to pick up my feet the entire way...basically I have tripped at least once a day since I moved to London. On Thursday...I tripped 7 times. 7.

Going into Paperchase with my friend Meagan. Feeling ecstatic because stationary is my love...well stationary, donuts, cats, and pizza. Go up the flight of stairs basically skipping my way up, feeling so happy! WHAM! I seem to have missed a step. And tripped dramatically up the stairs. Nearly wet myself from laughter. Tomato face returns.

From number 4, the sales clerk approached me about 3 minutes after I tripped and said in a whispered tone, "Are you alright?" Yes. I am, just a little embarrassed but it is all good. Meagan continued to laugh in the corner of the cards and twinkle lights section.

Going out for my friend Kelsey's 21st. Making our way to the train, the doors are open and all I can think is, nope definitely not gonna make that the bells are ringing that the doors are closing there is no way. All three of my friends, whom I might add were not that far in front of me jump on to the train. Doors slam shut in my face. Katie is left out on the platform staring at her three friends whose faces and hands were pressed up against the glass and they were yelling "KATIE! NOOOOO!". Then a nice man opened the doors for me from the inside of the train. I was greeted by a cheer from the entire car and three very happy friends who hugged me. Then the man laughed and said, "She's acting like she opened the door for you. Ha!" I looked at him and approached him with arms open to give him a hug. My friends faces were pure shock. You see, I do not touch or hug people. But Katie was feeling lovable that evening. 

Dancing in a night club with my friends, groovin' it out to Love Shack when a man thinks you would like him to grind up on you. Uhm excuse me sir this song is strictly a stomp it song, you are in the wrong and I will now pretend me and my friend Meagan are a couple and we shall only dance with each other. I think that's pretty much what we had to keep pretending the entire evening. Can't dudes just dance like normal folk. Can I have a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Being absolutely rubbish at pool. Telling the guys I was playing pool with that I suck at pool. They don't believe me. Then I barely tap the ball, and then they get it. Hiiiiii yes I would like to not play this game. Anyone for a game of Go Fish???

 That time I saw a dreamy man in London. Begin to throw him a smile. A spit bubble forms. Oh greeeaaaatt.

Riding on the train home from Cambridge. Sitting in one car entirely alone. A man walks passed me and goes, "You alright?" I nod my head several times towards his direction only to notice he wasn't talking to me. No he was definitely talking to the person who he was on the phone with. Continue nodding head back toward the window....

Realizing that when I get nervous or uncomfortable or have nothing to say I slap my calf or thigh and hum a tune. Not a catchy one I might add.

Sitting in the airport in Ireland waiting for my flight's gate details to be released. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waitin----WRONG TIME! I happened to spend the last hour looking at the wrong flight departure time....yeah good thing, I had about 20 min till I had to board my flight. Never shot out of a seat so fast in my life. 

Going on a walk with my cousin along a canal, come across this group of attractive british men who are standing there so calm and cool-like. A bike comes whizzing past, I step out of the way and step straight onto an empty can of beer. CRUNCHHHHH! Ha-ha-haaaa. One guy goes, "Wow. Loud." I just start panicking laughing, my cousin can barely breathe she's laughing so hard. I just speed walk as fast as I can away from the cute british men. Oh bother.

Went to a Sunday night gig to see my friend Antonio play. The room is absolutely packed full of people. Where do I go and stand? Not in the open, not in the front. Nope, I stand in the back corner. ALONE. I mean I was facetiming my sister so she could watch his performance too, but why must I do things that are so just unsocial. ....help me I'm poor.

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