May 27, 2014

Sharing is Caring

It has come to my attention that I have not posted on this blog for sometime. I hope you all understand I have been very busy with traveling, moving and trying to cope with my breakup...from a country. I think the exact words London said to me were "It's not me, it's you. We can't do this anymore." Heartbreaking words to hear from a place I love so much. But I had to return to America because of this whole student visa thing and I really wasn't keen on being in trouble with the law.
I am now dealing with the break-up in more of a eat chocolate, work out and eat more chocolate kind of way. Moving forward...

As of the last few months I have complied a list of songs I have had on repeat. I enjoy calm, sometimes depressing music so if that tickles your fancy then I think you will enjoy these select songs as much as I have been enjoying them. As well as some less well known artists because those are fun to find!

Also. I will not be quiet about my new favorite artist because I listen to him all the time. And saw him twice live in London so ya know he's gotta be good. The name of this artist(band) I have on play all the time is Saint Raymond! He just came out with a new EP called Ghosts and it is pretty great. Check him out because he is going to blow up in the UK music scene. You're welcome ahead of time. 

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