June 24, 2014

Italy-Day 2

And on the second day of Roman travels we had plans to see the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and oh, eat gelato. LOTS of gelato.
The Trevi Fountain was hard to track down, but once we found it we stood in awe of the massive fountain with gelato in hand. We even threw pennies over our shoulder as tradition is done there.

It was pretty warm that day (as you can note by the melting gelato in the above photo). We joined the crowds and climbed the spanish steps. What an awesome view that was! There were so many artists there were at the top that I was slightly mesmerized by the paintings. It was super tempting to purchase some art but I still had to eat lunch and when it comes to pasta vs. art, I'm gonna pick the pasta.
That's the top view from the steps. 
 artists GALORE!
My lunch!!
Our parents had arranged for us to have a private tour starting at the Colosseum and ending at the Roman Forum. Learning about the history of Ancient Rome was fascinating, honestly if you are going to Rome I highly recommend you get a tour guide for the coloseum and the forum because you really come to an understanding and appreciation for the ruins. 
 This was an game the Romans would play while hanging out in the Forum. 
Psh, they played games too :) 
 Ancient Roman Forum. Unreal.
Can you imagine how large this statue used to be?! That's just the FOOT!

We ended our evening with the wonderfulness of gelato, pizza, wine and bruschetta. Golly Italy, it is a good place to eat and just be.

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