June 25, 2014

Last Day in Italy!

Sunday was the last day we had to explore the beautiful streets of Rome. We rose early to get ready for church, which means covering shoulders, knees, etc.. What I chose to wear was appropriate however it was a bit constraining to the temperatures that God gifted us with that day, I was hot-hot-hot! My sister and I headed to St. Peter's in Chains....that's the thing we saw there. I cannot remember the name of the church.....I really hate taking photos inside of cathedrals or churches so therefore the photos below are after we went into the building. 
There was a small mass in session when we went to the Cathedral, we joined for a bit but since it was all in Italian we left after the prayer. 
Once outside we located the nearest Gelato shop we could find, we did not realize this particular gelato shop would be the BEST shop! It was a gelato shop where they make the gelato there, so it's fresh and oh man I am drooling....ahh mmm hmmm. nom nom nom. 
I ordered "pesche, fraise, limon." which is peach, strawberry and lemon! IT WAS SPECTACULAR! And the shop owner was so friendly and lovely to us, it was such a treat!
We walked around with our gelatos in hand since we had to go back and change..it was far to warm for jeans that day. 
We came across more ruins and amazing alley ways and I got a little camera happy but it was sooooo worth it!
Some old ruins. Just happened upon them. As you do.
Annie wanted to take me to see the Vatican, which is partially why this day seemed so rushed because we were literally running all over the city. Or maybe we went to the Vatican the day before? I don't remember, and I didn't take photos....so that's really helpful for me and for you. Just know I went. I saw the outside, the massive crowds and then we left.
For some reason I loved all the graffiti on the metro cars. Every single car was completely covered!
Annie and I had reserved tickets at the Borghese Galleries for a particular time, which made my wandering soul a bit restricted. Once we came back to the hostel to change we decided to grab a bite to eat at the bar downstairs. We ate a billion fries, and each ordered a salad. It was scrumptious. Even though we devoured it in less than 20 min. Oops.

When we arrived at the park which the gallery was located in we basically had to fast walk through the whole thing because time was cut so very short. Annie was extremely stressed about time so she made me feel a bit panicky...the whole thing was just stress 101 zone. 

We got to the galleries with plenty of time, and then they told us to give them all our things because we couldn't carry anything around with us inside. A bit odd, but that also meant I didn't have to carry 20lbs worth of camera, jacket, water bottle, phone, and money with me. Foot loose and fancy free!
Since we were so early we did a small photo shoot outside, and everyone was watching me and I had a grand old time....except the sun went away and I was wearing shorts which means I was freezing.
Here's the Borghese Gardens!
 I should mention. For the next 5 photos, my sister does this thing when we travel that every time she sees a statue she has to pose like it. The Borghese Gardens were no exception.
 She makes me laugh!
The Gardens though, in all seriousness, were amazing.
The gardens at the Gallery were amazing. 
After the gallery, my sister and I strolled through the park with the sun setting into the delicious Italian skies. It was magical and then we saw the outlook point and WOWEEE!! See for yourself...

We had fun enjoying this ridiculous view and decided to take some more photos of ourselves. When in Rome right?
That's the Vatican.
I present the modeling sisters:

We had a lovely last night in Rome. It ended with a trip back to our favorite restaurant for pizza, bruschetta, and wine. Followed by gelato...uh duh..

I think we had a good night...hhaah more on that in the next post. Believe me, it's a good one :)

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