June 3, 2014

Praha: Day 1

We awoke early the next morning, me with an extremely sore shoulder and aching back from sleeping practically on the wall, to leave Munich and head to Prague. Meagan was catching the train at 9 am, Annie and I had to leave earlier though as we were catching a bus at 8 am. Everything was good, we said the night before that we were really surprised we hadn't had any hiccups in our travels yet....we spoke to soon.
It was 7:30 when we left our room, 7:40 by the time we checked out and left the hostel (Meagan stayed as she wasn't traveling on the bus with us, we were meeting her in Prague.). The man at the front desk informed us it would take about 15 min to walk to the bus station...that would get us to the bus with barely enough time but we figured we were speedy walkers...that is we are speedy walkers with out our suitcases, yeah that loaded us down a bit. We had a map, began our fast paced and loaded down walk to the bus, and then the clouds opened and heaven poured down upon us. Nothing like being lost and soaked. We were half running with our suitcases and half dragging them through the streets. It was loads of fun and I was so hungry. The clock reached closer and closer to 7:55 am and by then we still were no where near a bus station. Then the clock hit 7:58, and we knew we had missed our bus. Frustrated, wet, hungry and tired we finally found the station. It was now 8:05 and our bus was gone. There was no wifi anywhere, and the ticket/information booth led us to a wall with a photo of someone traveling to a palm tree covered island. Yeah. No information booth. Great. Annie was extremely annoyed with me at this point, partially because she had listened to me when I said the bus station sign pointed straight, and therefore we did not turn where we needed to turn. I just figured that we would catch the next bus and we would get to Prague, nothing to worry about. I mean I was mad at myself but there was nothing I could do to change the fact that we missed our bus. I suggested we get some food at the local grocery store, especially chocolate because I was in desperate need of that, and then find a Starbucks or some other building with wifi. Annie agreed, I tried cracking jokes to release the tension but when Annie is upset or frustrated she doesn't laugh at anything. Yay.
I demanded (okay not demanded, but more like suggested) we take the subway to the train station so we didn't lose any more time. Once at the train station we were able to freak out a bit, find wifi and be able to contact our parents to inform them that we missed our bus and may be using the credit card to purchase train tickets to Prague. I looked up the cost of train tickets to get to Prague and boy was it spendy. Another moment of panic and I was determined to find us cheap tickets...SUCCESS! The next bus was leaving at 10 and it would only cost us another 35 euros. We were rennoyed (relieved and annoyed), headed to the ticket station, were helped by a friendly woman at the ticket counter, we bought our new tickets and this time decided to take the subway to the bus station. I paid for new subway passes, we headed down to the wait for the subway...and waited...and waited...then a huge bustle of german men and women ran for the stairways. I had no clue what was happening until a speaker over the intercom said that there was, "no train" for some reason. I was unable to translate the rest but when we heard the word "keine" we knew we had to book it out of the station. So, there we were, in the pouring rain, heavy suitcases, all nice and sweaty. The prettiest and peppiest looking ladies in Germany. Of course hot police force just walked right in front of us and my jaw dropped, I avoided eye contact and tried to cover my face with as much of my frizzy hair that I could. Nothing like seeing 15 men in uniform with muscles the size of your face just waltz in front of you while you look like you have been run over by a truck. "Hallloooooo und Auf Wiedersehen."

Good news is we found our bus. We climbed aboard (after I raced up the stairs to the store, bought chocolate and raced back down the stairs.) all is well with the world....
...that is until I smelled the most horrible smell that one can smell, vomit. Yeah a previous passenger had tossed their cookies on this bus and I had the lovely privilege of smelling that smell for 4 hours. It wasn't too bad because after a while you didn't smell it anymore, and then you'd move in your seat...woof there it was.
I tried sleeping on the bus but my sister began sticking her face through the seats and asking me fifty billion questions and I just gave up.

We arrived in Prague the exact same time as Meagan. We found a atm, withdrew 1000 dollars..just kidding, it was 1000 koruna. For every 1 Koruna it equals .05 USD. Sweet right? Uh definitely.
Then we purchased tickets for the public transport, hopped aboard a street car which was going in the entirely opposite direction. Jumped off of that one. Crossed the street and jumped on to the one going the correct way, and then the fun began. Trying to locate the hostel.
We were able to find it after 15 min of complete confusion. That was a blast...once we got to the door of the hostel, I pushed on the door because it said push. No luck. My sister told me to press the button, so I did. Then I pushed the door. No luck. Tried again. No luck. I was about to try a 4th time when a voice over the speaker goes, "Hello? Yes, try pushing the door when the buzzer goes off. Come on we can work together on this. Yes?" I began laughing out of embarrassment and noticed the security camera. YAY me looking and acting like a dumb blonde was caught on video. I am 23 and cannot open the door. Door opened. I cheered. And up to the front desk we went. Apparently Meagan was already in the room and the man at the front desk told us how long she had been there for, only about 15min. He was super friendly, hilarious and helpful. I was relieved we made it to our hostel. I was exhausted.

Meagan told us how worried she was because she was positive we were supposed to be in Prague 2 hours before her, we told her the whole story of us missing the bus and basically we were just happy to be reunited. The three of us freshened up and bit and went to go find food and explore Prague.

We walked and walked and walked, oohed and ahhed over the buildings. We headed to Charles Bridge, took a zillion photos and found a cafe to get dinner.
 Oh and it also rained.
The end of Charles Bridge.
We were all feeling poorly, I was beginning to catch whatever Annie had, Meagan was holding on to a cold and Annie was as well. We decided a broth based soup would be perfect. It was tasty and hit the spot.

We wandered through the streets, the sun came out and made a glorious sunset.
We made our way back to the hostel after dinner, taking pictures along the way, and we came across this fantastic little bakery where they sold this delicious sweet bread. It was twisted and rolled onto a metal, what looked a rolling pin, and then cooked over an open oven. After it was done cooking it was rolled in cinnamon and sugar. It's name was "Trdlnik" but I continued to call them "Turtle-neck's".
photobombed by miss Meagan.
Photobombed by Miss Meagan and Miss Anne
Trdlnik's make for happy travelers.
We came across the John Lennon wall...now, not gonna lie but I had no idea what the importance of this wall was..but thanks to google, it is apparently just a wall that has been covered in graffiti since the 1980's with images of John Lennon, lyrics by the Beatles, and other political messages. It's not a very large wall, overrated, but it photographs well.
The town square was BEAUTIFUL when the sun hit it :)
What's that face for Meagan?
We found a little shop which sold postcards and candy, Annie and Meagan purchased a few post cards while I stood outside snapping photos.
 As we were leaving the store, One Direction began playing over a loud speaker. STOP! Annie and Meagan obviously had to break out into their smooth moves and danced in a street in Prague. Hilarious. And memorable.
They are talented.

Our first night in Prague aka Praha, was a success. We were exhausted which meant hot showers and bed.

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