June 8, 2014

Praha: Day 2

We were only in Prague for 2 short days, but it was all we needed. With a small city like that, it was easy to get around and see the sites and still have time to wander. Meagan had to catch her flight back to London later that day but we managed to fit everything in.
After breakfast, the three of us walked over to the town square where we decided we would climb the clock tower. It wasn't a huge climb, but the view was spectacular, a 360 degree view of the whole city.

Time travel????
The street with all the trees lining it, yeah that's the Parisian street. Obviously we took a stroll down it. Bonjour Dior! Bonjour Valentino! Bonjour Cartier!
I really had no clue what Prague had to offer (sign of a good tourist) so I let Annie and Meagan take the reigns on what to see and do. They suggested the Castle be the next stop on our quick tour of Prague, I agreed because I had no idea where the castle was or that Prague even had a castle...let's be honest I had no opinion about what we saw.
That's the castle, the tall green pointed building that looks black and is sitting taller than all the other buildings.
.....do you see it?
 We hiked some 70 odd stairs that went straight up the side of a cliff. Once we reached the top (a little out of breath and cursing every step we saw after that) we had a fantastic look out point at the top. A few photos later and I suggested we go find the castle because where we were currently was a very graffiti covered-over grown with weeds-park.
We walked through a little park and then saw a huge line for something. We figured it was for the castle and so we joined the line....it was not for the castle. It was something entirely different. We left the line.

...I took a piece of chocolate out. I ate the chocolate...
I think I enjoyed the walk to the castle more than the castle itself. There was a lovely park that we had to go through in order to get to the castle and it seemed like an enchanted forest...sounds whimsy yes, but it was covered by trees, there was a waterfall, and even a little wooden bridge. Adorable.
I did not take any photos of that and I do not know why.
I did take photos of THIS TUSCAN ESCAPE THOUGH!
We made our way up to the castle, stood in line for tickets...yada yada. I ate a lot of chocolate during that hour of trekking to the castle and waiting in line. I have no regrets.

We went over to the massive cathedral first to have a look inside and boy was it impressive! I think every window was a different color scheme of stained glass. Luckily the sun came out for a bit and man, when it hit those windows the colors danced off the floors and walls. It was stunning. I recall us not purchasing an audio guide because the man at the ticket counter recommended that we pass on that fee. Therefore we just looked around the cathedral not really knowing what we were looking at (of course we had a guide book but it wasn't super informative) My sister and I happened to overhear a german speaking tour group...we obviously eavesdropped and picked up some tidbits of information. Helpful. For that little bit.
After perusing the church we wandered into other areas that were available for touring. No photos were allowed unless you had a photo license, I did not. So I could not.
A little village in the castle walls, they were used as shops and homes back in the day.
I think we spent a solid 2 hours at the castle, which felt like enough time. Once we were through there the sun had decided to make itself a known figure and play! I was so grateful because that sunlight and warm sunshine made wandering through the city streets much more pleasurable.

Meagan wanted to look for souvenirs and I wanted a Trdlnik. We found ourselves a little cafe shop, bought something to tide us over from hunger and tired feet. Yes friends I did get my trdlnik. I think at this point though I started feeling poorly which put a damper on my mood but I tried to press on. We looked through street artists paintings that were being sold on the St. Charles bridge but walked away empty handed.

Meagan had to get back to the hostel since her flight was leaving in a few hours. We all headed back, and by this point my stomach was really not having it. I tried to pretend it didn't hurt but it REALLY hurt. So much so I though I would be seeing a remix of what I ate for lunch. Luckily that did not happen.

Annie and I walked Meagan to the metro station, made sure she got the right ticket to get to the airport and then the weird part came, saying goodbye.

The thing was, I met Meagan on the very first day I arrived in London back in January. We instantly clicked and spent a massive amount of time together. We decided to travel to Greece together for spring break, had almost weekly exploration trips/walks around different places in London. She was my first friend I made when the program began and here we were 4.5 months later saying goodbye in Prague. Life is funny like that. I felt like I had known Meagan longer than just 4 short months, but I hadn't. We hugged about 4 times and then both agreed that it was weird to say goodbye. And then she left, we watched her walk her little Charleston self over to the escalator and down she went. The last I saw of her was her brown hair, green jacket and well packed backpack. I miss that lady even now. I am beyond thankful for her friendship over the course of the semester, she helped keep me sane and made me laugh a lot, especially with her fantastic dance moves. What a gem that Meagan. What a gem.
As my sister and I walked back to our hostel it began to hit me that my time abroad was coming to a close. This amazing semester that I had had was about to end within a week's time and I was not ready to go. I told my sister how weird it was to say goodbye to people who you didn't even know existed 6 months ago and then they are just gone. Emotions. Emotions. Oh and then my stomach just lurched with even more pain and I wanted to curl up in a ball.
I informed my sister of my stomach situation to which she asked if I was going to vomit? puke? lose it? did i need anything? well yes, my mom, could you please tell her to come to Prague pronto.
I ended up getting a wash cloth cold, curling up in my bed, body leaning against the wall, took 2 tums and it was off to slumberland I went. I woke up about an hour and a half later feeling brand new and good news I DIDNT GET ILL!!!
For dinner I told my sister I just wanted a salad. So we (and or other hostel roommate) found a pub, ordered food and I ate an extremely light and unPrague like dinner. Annie on the other hand had goulash and coke, she loved it. Way to go Annie!
We went to bed later than we had originally planned that night because we were doing laundry, repacking and facetiming our mom. Yahoooooo. Doing laundry is so dreamy and attractive when you travel, nothing like hanging your unmentionables out to dry in your mixed dorm room. I think all of mine were hanging under the slats in the bunk above me so I had an underwear canopy. Cutttteeeee!


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