July 2, 2014

Last Day of Our Trip

Okay. Time to give the drama. Because to be honest we hadn't had any the entire time we were playing in Europe. So what better way to have it than the night before we catch a flight out of Rome and return home...and by home I mean London.

After dinner my sister and I thought that while going out and having drinks sounded really enjoyable, our roommate at the hostel said she had to get up early to catch her train in the early morning so she would be back no later than 11pm. Cool, we needed to pack anyways and try to get enough sleep before our travel day. Well eleven came and went, so did midnight, and one, and two, and three...I think about 4 am our roommate came stumbling back into the room. I mean to be fair she was trying to be a slight stealth master, but that's easier when one is sober and not, well.....smashed.
She climbed into her bunk, which was the bed above me which meant I was rocked back and forth as she tried to settle her drunk self in for the early morning. Mind you the bed also squeaked which added to my slumbers not slumbering. 5 minutes later as my body began to slip into sleep again, she awoke and quickly skimmed down the bed and into the bathroom where my sister and I had the pleasure no the privilege of listening to her sweet mouth harmonies hit the porcelain for the next 5 minutes. Followed by gagging. And dry heaving. Sorry if this is gross reading about it but I guarantee it is worse hearing it. FOR 3 SPORADIC HOURS. Yeah. Hours.
In between her living in the bathroom and talking to porcelain John, we also got to hear her have a emotional phone call to her boyfriend back in Canada. At one point they ended up both in tears because she was threatening to break up with him because he was judging her for drunk face timing him........Can I just say as a lesson to all people out there, PLEASE DO NOT HAVE RELATIONSHIP DISCUSSIONS WHILE INTOXICATED.

She also had a freak out for 10 minutes because she had no idea where her visa, id or tickets were. Uh honey, you just got back. You are drunk. Calm yourself. She bawled her eyes out to her boyfriend, said tomorrow she'd have to go to the Canadian Embassy where they would be so embarrassed by her...She freaked out enough to run back into the room dig through her things and find all of her stuff. She didn't wake me up at all which is how I am able to recall what happened in such great detail....oi vey.

There was one point between the hours of 4-7am that I remember waking up suddenly because I heard no noises from the bathroom. Annie and I share a brain so she also awoke. She went and checked on our roommate and luckily she was just passed out sitting up by the toilet. Annie went across the street and asked the front desk for water for our roommate. She brought it back, woke up the roommate and informed her there was water for her and back to bed my sister went. I think we got a total of 4 hours of sleep that night.

At about 7 am our roommate (after the 3219 call to her boyfriend, eyes freshly coated in tears) climbed back into bed not knowing the time...Annie and I had to get up in about 15 minutes to get dressed and check out of the hostel. It was hilarious, except it really wasn't at the time, but now I find it hilarious, that as soon as we were fully dressed, bags at our side, reaching for the door to leave another roommate walked in, and our now still drunk/on the verge of a horrible hangover roommate shot up in bed and goes "What time is it?" "8:15!?!?" "Ah curse word worse word curse word poor word". Annie and I interrupted and said, "Yeah. Bye."

We hadn't really gotten fully ready though because our roommate made quite a mess in the bathroom and we had no desire to get ready in there. We used the lobby restroom and put some face on, brushed the teethies, fixed the hair, and then we were presentable, minus the garbage bag sized dark circles under our eyes.

We headed to the train station only to see our roommate there as well but she looked much more worse off than us and so we just carried on our way.

We wanted to use up the left over Euros that we had, which meant grocery shopping. We bought some breakfast food and not nearly enough chocolate but enough that carrying it was a bit of a challenge. Annie and I were sweaty and tired and hungry when we got our tickets for the train...which by the way the amount of gypsies and wandering italians in the train station is very worrisome for people like me. I never have been more aware of my surroundings than in those last 15 min in Rome. I could not wait to get back to London.

When we got to our gate we decided one last gelato would be a wonderful idea. Annie decided she would go buy some for us while I sat with the luggage. 15 min later my sister returned, hands COVERED in gelato melt. I was laughing but Annie was not...she tends to not laugh when things happen to her, but happen to other people...other people being me.

Boarded our flight. OOOOO!! It was an empty flight so much space! No one in front or behind us to lean back or kick us while in flight. Yes. This was good. Then these 3 people decided during the flight they wanted to sit wherever and they acted like they had ants in their pants and could not sit still for longer than 10 min at a time. The flight was 3 hours. Yeah.  I tried to sleep but the lady in front of me kept moving seats and slamming the chair back and whamming me in the knees. The guy next to us kept grabbing my chair to stand up and down and move around. I was beyond annoyed. And I really just wanted to get away from any and all italians. British men and their british ways could not be more desirable than during that flight.

Once we landed I think I almost cried with joy. I really love England, like it is what I imagine love feels like with one human towards another. Blissful. Majestic. Comfortable. Safe. 
The only thing about returning to London this time was that I would no longer be a student I would just be a traveler. Nothing to put a sting to my heart than the words "visitor". Boohooo hoooooo.

I envy all of you who live in England and have your maroonish colored passports to go with your accents and quilted men's coat. There are women in England too. I just don't like them because they are english women and they don't understand the privileges they have that are british men and children just wherever they look. And Im done rambling.


Okay now Im done......

AIRPORT. So we get in line to go through customs...yadayada. It's my turn to go up and tell the man what i am doing in the country. He asks me if I am a student, to which I reply no, I am a visitor now. I was a student. He continues to ask other questions and then he asks me where my next point of arrival will be and I reply "America" with a weird look on my face. I didn't even realize I did that. But the guy caught on and goes "Oh, you don't look to happy about that." And then we had a good laugh and towards the end he goes "But you do have your return ticket, correct?" "Unfortunately, yes." was my reply. And he chuckled. Off I went with my sister back into Lovely London, one last time.

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