August 16, 2014


Deception Pass-taken on my iPhone
Today I took a moment and looked around.
I am truly blessed to be where I am.
I mean that in all aspects, family, friends, location, security...etc.
Today I took my friend (who is visiting me from San Diego) to my favorite place in Washington; Whidbey Island.
The sun finally came out, a sea lion said hello, and the rock skipping was in full swing.
It just makes me happy to be on such a remote piece of serenity.
I then drove us to my most treasured small town, Coupeville. That place exudes story book quaintness. I am going to live there someday. I really am.
After a quick drive it was over Deception Pass, and back on to the main land.
We arrived at a small cabin where my parents and my aunt and uncle were staying for the weekend.
Laughing, chatter and then a bonfire by the ocean front with smores.
I think I hugged my parents more times than I normally do. But I was feeling extra thankful today.
And I think hugs are to be had when thankful.

We drove off with the sky a beautiful pink and golden tone, driving with the mountains on both sides of the car, laughing about the day.
I feel really blessed for all the things in my life. And today just really illuminated those things.
Thanks for today, I needed it. :)

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Anonymous said...

Gratitude is good. Very good.