August 8, 2014

The Anatomy of Ryan Gosling

Hello my fellow Gosling lovers out there! 
It has come to my attention that Ryan Gosling is a fox. This is not brand new information.

I thought I would try my best to explain the reasons as to the anatomy, the how and why we as human beings, trees, plants and animals swoon so massively at Ryan Gosling. I mean he's just a dude right? Wrong.
No. 1-8:

No. 9: I thought the photo below was a photo of the real Ryan Gosling, but no, no I just happen to be attracted to a wax figure. Help me, the Gosling makes wax look schmexy.

No. 10: He can read. He has the beauty and the brains! And isn't afraid to show it. We like that confident, mysterious side of the Gos. Also he rocks the glasses. 10 bonus points for rad specs.
No. 11: You would save so much money if you were married to him! I mean, he never needs to buy shirts. Why put those muscular cookies away??? Who needs a shirt when you have those?
No. 12: As if not needing to spend a penny on his wardrobe isn't enough, he can sing. He was a part of a band, and was actually not bad at it. What person isn't attracted to a man who can sing and play guitar? *crickets* That's right. None.

No. 13: Suits look good on him. People like suits, well fitted suits on men. Men become handsome and swarthy in suits. I think we can all agree Ryan owns the suit look.
No. 14: Airport swag. He's got that. Plus, he understands that removing shoes through security is a hassle, why not loafer it. It makes your life that much easier.

No. 15: He has tattoos. I repeat, TATTOOS. I don't know why we find these attractive, but they just are.
He also looks great in Black and White. Dually noted.

No. 15: He looks good as a Christmas tree. We all love the holidays, but I'm pretty sure we can agree we'd love them even more if Ryan was the tree.
"Baby you light up my world like no body else." Literally, no body compares to yours.

No. 16: The way that he completely masters this face and fist...
(Me and Ryan took this photo together. Aren't we cute!)
No. 17: As many of the world knows, Ryan is going to be a father. I think many new rivers were created on that day the news broke that he would become a dad. I mean, if you're Ryan Gosling's child, woah. Lucky little baby. Also, I think more heart attacks will be had when we see this charmer of a man carrying an infant child. Gahhh, men with children is one thing but the Gosling with children is another. Here's a sneak peek.
Rest easy my soul, I can no longer live after seeing this image....
Oh wait I can....

No. 18: He is a lover of animals. I would prefer if this was a cat, but hey you can't have EVERYTHING you want.

No. 19: He was friends with Justin Timberlake long before we knew what a Justin Timberlake was. They were both on the Mickey Mouse Club together. And now, they rule the world.

No. 20: He does not melt in the rain. Which is handy because you know when take him to Seattle, you can also take him outside.

No. 21: He can wink, which is not a skill everyone possesses. He also looks like a fox when doing so.
There are many more hilarious things he has done and endearing qualities he has, 
but I didn't want to go on for the rest of my existence.

I hope you have all enjoyed this. I edited all these photos because someone had to do it and I sacrifice for the better of the world. Have a lovely weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he's cute, but No to the tattoos .