December 15, 2014

Phewwf! I Made It.

I have been not blogging for the last __months. School had taken up all my allotted time per day and to be honest I just didn't want to blog. Basically this last semester I had to get my senior project in and done with, along with completing a portfolio, and research. It was a lot of work, but last Thursday I presented it to the class and I am so happy that is over with now!
I also had just way too many papers and readings to do for classes and I didn't want to do anything after I finished those things.

Now I have finished my last fall semester of my undergrad. One semester to go until I get my Bachelor's. Just one. THANK GOODNESS!

On Friday morning I woke up and panicked, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TODAY! Oh nothing, I calmed down and got out of bed.

You see the night prior I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. Yeah, so ideal for a single, childless adult. What I mean by that is, I made myself stay up until 4 in the morning because I was finishing my senior project, presentation and portfolio. No child or another person made me stay up, I did that to myself because I am a procrastinating college senior. Bravo.

Basically Friday was great because I had no stress or pressure of school, I got to have breakfast with a friend, and I got to play with my cousin's baby. How awesome is that. SO awesome.

This last weekend was equally great, I don't think I have slept so much, but my body definitely needed it because when 8:30 rolled around Saturday night I wanted to go to bed. I fell asleep watching Home Alone with my family and decided to hit the hay at 9:30. Sunday my family and I went to see White Christmas in the theater which was lovely. It is my favorite christmas movie so seeing it on the big screen was extra special.


How silly am I...not to mention selfish. I apologize, I should have shared this back in October...

Basically I have named him Swedish Man Crush because he is 1.) Swedish, 2.) A man, and 3.) My crush. He goes to my school and I wish I spoke swedish besides the Lord's Prayer, greetings, and what Ikea has taught me over the years--but I am not about to go talk furniture to Swedish Man Crush.
This last semester I have been oogling over him in my class, he sat in the back so I would secretively take a lookie-loo at him while I "checked the clock" for the time...even though I own a cell phone and wear a watch. You gotta do what you gotta do.

About a month ago we spoke for the first time. And by spoke I mean I talked to his friend while a glass wall was between me and them. I am still slapping myself upside the head for not just walking through the doorway but that is not my brains way of working. Instead I looked like a lame-tard while my whole body turned the shade of a ripe tomato. He was smiling at me, so I took that as a good sign.

Then last week, when I was heading to yoga class looking like my hair had just gone through a wind storm and I had no idea how to was bad guys, who was to step into my elevator?? That's right, SMC. He looked like a freaking model, hair tousled, blue eyes, white button down. I died. Then the most magical thing happened, he spoke to me. HE SPOKE TO ME! I had to take a second to make sure he wasn't talking to anyone else, which is really dumb because there was no one else in the elevator...
Basically he asked if I was going to the lower level (in the building), then he asked about an assignment, how far I was on it. (I sounded like a parrot answering all of his questions repeating everything he asked because his accent is so thick) I asked him how far he was on his and then reassured him it's really easy and he will be just fine. Then the doors opened and we said goodbye.

I think I collapsed on the inside.

And then I saw a mirror and died again.

On Wednesday evening I went to my school's library, guess who walks in...SMC. We both looked good. So yay. And he looked absolutely dreamy. Gotta hand it to Europeans, they know how to dress. He was facing me but then changed seats so his back was to me. I took that as a I would be too distracting when he was trying to study. I have come to the conclusion he loves me. This is why I am still single. I make big ASSUMPTIONS. Hopeful ones, but no.

Oh he turned his head in the library and he was wearing glasses. I could not contain myself.

And so here we are, christmas break and I do not know if I will see him for a long time. Oh sad.

That's all guys, have a great week!! It's my grandma's 81st birthday today so I will be enjoying cake tonight. BYEEE

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You are too funny!