April 3, 2015

Cozy Day

We all have those days when it is gross outside so we decide to cancel our plans for the day and just stay home to relax. When days like those occur, which if I am honest mine occur more often then not, I like to put on a cozy sweater, pop in a classic rom-com, bake something delicious and light some candles. Relaxing days are a necessity in this busy world we live in and it is important to embrace those days whole heartedly when they come around.

I was approached by Parachute Home to do create a post about my "Cozy Day Essentials" to share with you all. And as mentioned in the first section, I am a sucker for cozy days. Parachute is a company that is built off everything fluffy and lush, from bedding to candles they make the home lifestyle appear warm and enjoyable. When I spotted this duvet online I thought to myself, I want to be that duvet cover. Duvets are fluffy, snuggly and can do you no wrong, they make for perfect movie watching days. To accent the cozy duvet though, I found this blanket with it's pearl/sandy color and it being cashmere (uh hello) I wanted to wrap myself in it like a burrito, turn on the fire place and drink my tea. Ahh, the life.

Check out my essentials for a cozy day below! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and can find some time (even with it being Easter (busy busy)) to relax and snuggle down for some r&r.
Cozy Day

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